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...dust can be highly toxic to the health of the. second. The instrument is made of a Laser Doppler Velocimeter. astronauts. (LDV) and a relaxation cell composed of an aerosol sampling. One of the first steps to dust mitigation is to know the. system and an electro-acoustic drive. The aerodynamic...

...around a Circular. Cylinder. Particles passing through the interference. fringes shown in Figures 2 and 3 generate. Time-of-Flight Cross-Correlation Velocimeter. Doppler signals, similar to a classical Laser. Doppler system. A sample signal (red: unfiltered,. The third sensor integrated...

...stress at w. Optic. 0.10. hole. Shτo 0.00. 0.0E+00. 5.0E+05. 1.0E+06. 1.5E+06. Enclosure. Reynolds Number. Laser. Diode. Figure 6- Wall shear data over a flat plate. Overall prototype Size: Ø15x20mm. 3. Copyright © 2006 by ASME. TIME-OF-FLIGHT-MICRO VELOCIMETER. To produce a focus at 7.4mm from...

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