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  • Lasers-Image
    Lasers - (717 companies)
    Lasers are devices that produce intense beams of monochromatic, coherent radiation. The word "laser " is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers are devices that produce intense beams of monochromatic, coherent...
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    Brooms, Mops, and Janitorial Brushes - (235 companies)
    Brooms, mops, and janitorial brushes are designed or suitable for maintenance and repair operations (MRO) and include products such as scratch brushes, wet mops, dry dust mops, brooms, paint brushes, and other scrubbing or washout products.
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  • Laser Mounts-Image
    Laser Mounts - (19 companies)
    Laser mounts are devices that keep a laser in position on an optical table. Laser mounts are devices that keep the optical components of a lens in position. There are many different types of products. Cylindrical laser mounts provide accurate laser...
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  • Laser Printers-Image
    Laser Printers - (385 companies)
    Image Credit: Softchoice Corporation | Vision Computers, Inc. | CompUSA. Laser printers use a laser beam to produce an image on a drum that is rolled through a reservoir of toner. The beam is picked up by the charged portions of the drum to fuse...
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  • Optical Micrometers and Laser Micrometers-Image
    Optical Micrometers and Laser Micrometers - (72 companies)
    Optical Micrometers and Laser Micrometers Information. Laser micrometers measure extremely small distances using laser technology. Laser micrometers are used in both laboratory and production settings. In production setting, CCD or shadow based...
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    Laser Cutting and Welding Machines - (251 companies)
    Laser cutting machines and laser welding machines use a high-powered laser to cut or perforate materials in plate or sheet form. Laser cutting machines and laser welding machines use a high-powered laser to cut or perforate plates or sheets made...
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    Alignment Lasers - (16 companies)
    Alignment Lasers are lasers that create an extremely accurate reference point, line, or shape for aligning machines in industrial processes. Alignment lasers are industrial laser devices that provide precision alignment. They enable a variety...
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    Laser Marking and Laser Engraving Services - (314 companies)
    Image Credit: Pad-printing | Caliber Engraving | Protomatic. Laser marking and laser engraving services use a computer-controlled laser beam to discolor the surface of a component, or engrave it by vaporizing the material. The laser can...
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    Laser Drivers - (49 companies)
    Laser drivers control and manage the operation of lasers used for switching in optical networks. Laser drivers control and manage the operation of lasers used for switching in optical networks such transmission systems, optical transmitters...
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    Laser Beam Analyzers - (40 companies)
    Laser beam analyzers are used to determine the quality of a laser beam. Laser beam analyzers measure beam profile, average power, energy per pulse, frequency, and temporal pulse shape. Many laser beam analyzers are portable, enabling them to be used...
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  • Chapter 10. Land Forming for Irrigation
    Laser -controlled drag scrapers (Figure 10.3) and ejector scrapers (Section 10.6.2, Figure 10.2) have become the precision, land smoothing tools of choice.
  • Chapter 3. Planning and System Selection
    For basin irrigation, final finishing with laser -controlled drag scrapers after primary earth moving will cost about $110/ha.
  • Research on an improved laser-controlled land leveling system
    The laser receiver is an omnidirectional receiver that detects the position of the laser reference plane and … The receiver is mounted on a mast attached to the drag scraper .
    … On/Off, Auto/Manual, and Manual Raise/Lower, which allowed the operator to manually raise or lower the drag bucket. 2.1.4 The level eye The alignment level eye was used along with eagle -3 laser transmitter to survey an area for elevation reading or for direct cut … … tractor was used to supply oil to raise and lower the leveling scraper .
  • Development Of A CO2 Pulsed Laser For Spaceborne Coherent Doppler LIDAR
    … beam is diverging and it has a diameter of 60 mm at the scraper mirror, while inside … … hole drilled in the center of the concave mirror using an Edinburgh PL4 laser , while the local … … detector is again a cooled HgCdTe, while direct detection to is obtained using a Rofin photon drag .
    … laser receiver is a multi directional receiver that detects the position of the laser reference plane and … The receiver mounts on a manual or electric mast attached to the drag bucket. It is mounted on the scraper .
  • Impacts of laser land leveling in rice–wheat systems of the north–western indo-gangetic plains of India
    The TLL, which uses scrapers or leveling boards drawn by draft animals or tractors or even bulldozers … LLL is a method that achieves the desired level of accuracy as it uses laser equipped drag buckets.
  • Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
    As described earlier, stereolithography (SL) uses a laser to expose the photopoly- mer material by scanning across … … disturb the surface of the resin and cause it to be uneven, a scraper (sometimes referred to … This spreading process can be used in conjunction with a “deep dip” that drags the part deep …
  • Oil Transport in the Piston Ring Pack (Part II): Zone Analysis and Macro Oil Transport Model
    … of oil transport through the entire piston ring pack, a unique two-dimensional Laser -Induced Fluorescence (LIF … … lands and through the ring grooves toward the top of the piston, the dragging action of the … … to the third land and the part of the liner located between the scraper ring and the …
  • Ferrous materials, steel, and cast iron
    Cutting edges allow themselves through flame or the laser on air cures. … application a also easily alloyed duktilere, Sphärogussvariante GJS-265HB that comes by a tensile strength from Rm … For thin-walled oscillating or pushing stressed blank holders or the stripper becomes the ferritic quality GJS400 …