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Parts by Number for Laser Micrometer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
VG035 PLC Radwell Keyence Corp Sensors & Switches, Photoelectric LASER MICROMETER SENSOR 35MM TRANSMITTER/ RECEIVER
LS306031 PLC Radwell Keyence Corp Sensors & Switches, Sensor Controller LS-3060 LASER SCAN MICROMETER W/LS-3100 CONTROL

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  • Medical Device Link .
    Laser micrometers provide 3-D measurement of cylindrical products Products such as catheters, tubing, stents, and syringes can be measured accurately in 3-D using a laser micrometer from LaserLinc Inc. (Fairborn, OH, USA). The three-axis micrometers are suited for measuring an array of round
  • Laser Trackers
    3-D coordinates by tracking a laser beam to a retroreflective target held in contact with the object of interest. Some laser trackers can measure object features up close and as far away as 60 meters. Some have typical singlepoint accuracy of about 0.001" (25 micrometers) at distances to several
  • Laser Diffraction
    The technique of laser diffraction relies on the fact that particles passing through a laser beam scatter light at an angle that is inversely proportional to their size (small particles scatter light at high angles whereas large particles scatter light at low angles). It is therefore possible
  • Laser Welding Plastics Using a Fiber Laser
    of plastic welding have been found since the need to join plastic parts became of great importance. Methods like vibration, linear/orbital, ultrasonic, spin, and hot plate welding have been used but with the development of the fiber laser, it has been noticed that laser welding is very efficient
  • Laser Assembly of Microfluidic Devices (.pdf)
    The assembly of plastic microfluidic devices, requiring high accuracy in the micrometer range, was successfully achieved using a new technology based on laser transmission welding combined with the mask technique. This paper reviews a laser assembly system for the joining of microfluidic plastic
  • Laser Trackers: Defining Accuracy (.pdf)
    between a typical ADM distance specification (e.g. 10. micrometers + 0.4 micrometers/meter) for a laser tracker against a typical angular performance of +/- 0.5. arc seconds as depicted in Figure 2. Figure 3. With some laser trackers specified out at ranges of 50 meters or more, you can see
  • Microstructure Fabrication by Laser
    fabrication methods. Microsoft Word - wl_article_laser_fabrication_of_microstructures.doc. Microstructure Fabrication by Laser. for fabrication of microfluidic systems in polymers. Researched, compiled and written by World Lasers, Inc. © 2007. What are the Microfluidic Systems: Microfluidics devices have
  • Power Stabilization of the Dual-Mode Laser Using Volume Holographic Gratings (.pdf)
    We present a power stabilization method for a dual-mode Ti:Sapphire ring cavity laser. Without stabilization, mode competition caused the output power of the two modes to fluctuate by approximately 10 dB. The power stabilization system, which used volume holographic gratings to monitor the power

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