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  • Rapid Scanning Applications Drive Mirror Design (.pdf)
    called "M Cubed". Mr. Brown recently published an article on this topic in the technology section of Laser Focus World where he detailed the important mirror design considerations in order to achieve the best scanning performance.
  • Ultra-thin mirror for high-performance optics
    a UC Berkeley professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences. Super-thin mirrors could dramatically improve the design and efficiency of next-generation laser-optic-based devices. Inside high-definition DVD players, computer circuits, and laser printers, for example, a pair of mirrors
  • Phase Conjugate Laser Optics - Preface
    . In this perspective, the book presents the. basic physical phenomena and materials involved for efficient generation of the. conjugate waves for specific examples of laser sources. The book also develops in. detail an analysis of the laser architectures and nonlinear mirrors that are best suited
  • Laser sensors to guide VW Passat in next Darpa Challenge
    and its reflection being received determines the distance to the object. A rotating mirror lets the laser range finder operate as a scanner, with the mirror deflecting each outgoing beam. This lets the system build a profile of the environment within the laser scanner's range. The car, fielded by a group
  • Fundamentals of Lasers
    The basic structure of any laser is based on an active medium (either a gas or semiconductor) contained between two reflectors. A laser's reflectors contain light by oscillating it through a medium repeatedly allowing the energy to build up with each pass. Laser radiation escapes due to a partially
  • Hubble Finds Mysterious Ring Structure around Supernova 1987a
    NASA's Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has obtained the best images yet of a mysterious mirror- imaged pair of rings of glowing gas that are encircling the site of the stellar explosion supernova 1987A. One possibility is that the two rings might be "painted " by a high-energy beam of radiation
  • Optical Metrology for Large Telescope Optics
    In recent years the demand for meter-scale optical elements has increased significantly, driven by growth in terrestrial and satellite-based astronomy, and defense and security applications. Laser interferometry is used throughout the manufacturing of large optics to ensure conformance to demanding
  • Medical Device Link .
    diameter scanners deliver repeatability in millionths of an inch and generally do not require recalibration. The rotating mirror and scanning beam design of solid-state laser measurement devices produces a scanning beam velocity of 100 200

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