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  • CO 2 Laser – Workhorse for Industrial Manufacturing
    Optics for the CO2 laser beam delivery com- ponents are well established and proven for simpleandcomplexsystems.Diamondturn- ing and milling … … 6 µm wavelength is able to pro- duce reliable aspherical reflective optics which can be coated … … mirrors used in welding heads .
  • Noninterceptive Beam Profiling of High‐Power Industrial Lasers
    Finally, provides the capability for re- al-time alignment of laser optics and components in the manufacture of high power lasers and delivery heads . All ISO standard 13694 and 11146 beam and beam quality parameters are measured with high accuracy, in …
  • Industrial Disk Lasers for Micro Material Processing – Compact Reliable Systems Conquer the Market
    “As such, we have been offering a modular kit for over a year now, which allows the cus- tomer to upgrade existing equipment and workstations with the latest disk laser sys- tems, including the external optical compo- nents . This modular kit comprises the laser source itself and the control and power unit together with the external beam delivery optics , such as beam expander, deflecting head and a fine cutting head and a CCD Matrix camera, all aligned on a pre …
  • Industrial Laser Materials Processing
    For CO2 laser sources and -systems the de- velopment of diamond turned copper optics and low-loss ZnSe transmissive components equipped with reflec- tive or antireflective thin film coatings was of high importance for resonator optics, beam delivery and focusing. Cutting heads with automated nozzle distance control and optimized gas flow were developed for consistent cut qualities.
  • Process and application of shock compression by nanosecond pulses of frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser
    The target component was assumed to be a core shroud of boiling water reactors (BWRs) and an … '° The system is composed of twin laser units, a beam delivery optics , a remote handling robot, an on-line monitor and a control unit. A laser irradiation head equipped at the end of the robot is inserted into the annulus space …
  • Laser systems in modern production environments
    … of 5- or 6-axis beam delivery systems, particularly for CO2 lasers which currently cannot operate with flexible fibre optics , a desirable solution is … … under a fixed laser beam , though this naturally involves restrictions with respect to component size and the robot's … This system has a fixed processing head and seam tracking sensor, with the workpiece moved under the …
  • Angiography with a multifunctional line scanning ophthalmoscope
    The mLSO also includes an integrated LED-array fixation target (fellow-eye) and the PDT laser delivery component . The final design for the optical head includes the dual illu- mination port, which fits entirely within … … TSLO optical head, the Maxwellian PDT port, which includes relay optics (lens and turning mirror … … to position the PDT beam anywhere on the retina …
  • Laser Soldering for Lead-free Assembly
    SM component The laser solderingprocess Laser beam delivery may be simply by X-Y stage motion of either the laser head and optics or the PCB itself.
  • Laser-based sample preparation for electronic package failure analysis
    The system is comprised of two lasers, a short pulse (20-30nsec) UV laser and a continuous wave (CW) infrared (IR) laser , beam delivery optics and scanning head , computer controlled stages, and application-specific software [2]. Further, the machine has the capability of directly depositing passive component materials by laser forward transfer [3 …
  • Intelligent modeling for estimating weld bead width and depth of penetration from infra-red thermal images of the weld pool
    The use of MAG welding process is limited to C-Mn steel components only. … processes which find application in remote repair welding include high power Nd:YAG laser and TIG welding … Nd:YAG lasers offer delivery of the beam through fiber optics which allows flexible manip- ulation of welding head to deliver single pass deep penetra- tion welds.