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Parts by Number for Laser Pointer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LASER POINTER 5 HEADS National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
910-001350 Global Industrial Logitech Not Provided Logitech 910-001350 Professional Wireless Presenter W/Green Laser Pointer, 100ft Projection, Black
33374 Global Industrial Acco Brands Corporation Not Provided Kensington 33374 Wireless Presentation Remote, Integrated Laser Pointer, Projects 65 Feet, Black
910-001354 Global Industrial Logitech Not Provided Logitech 910-001354 Wireless Presenter W/Laser Pointer, 50ft Projection, Matte Black
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  • Explaining Laser Marking Technology
    , directional output of monochromatic (single. wavelength) light. This can be understood when one thinks of two light sources; the florescent light that is. probably above your desk right now and the laser pointer you got as a give-away at a tradeshow. Whereas. both sources emit light, the florescent bulb does
  • Optical Touch Pointer for Fluorescence Guided
    probe in order to allow. the collected signal. The aim of the present study is to. the alignment of the laser light towards the fiber probe. introduce the concept of an optical touch pointer for. The laser effect, pulse generation and its synchronization. fluorescence guided resection of brain tumors
  • Glass Semiconductor Softens With Low-Power Laser, Then Re-Hardens
    the glass to get it that soft, but here we were doing it with a light source that was essentially a laser pointer, and with no heat at all, " said Sooryakumar. "And what 's really important is that the whole effect is reversible. ". In the journal Physical Review Letters, the physicists reported
  • You Never Forget Your First Laser
    every day in ways we may not even recognize. We tend to use things without thinking about them. Has it ever occurred to you that every time you listen to a CD or point with a laser pointer, you are holding the discovery of a Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, in your hand? Well, if you haven't, you're
  • Utilizing Laser Technology in Dimensional Metrology Applications
    The wavelength of light provides a very high resolution, linear, and stable reference for dimensional measurement. Labmaster (R) instruments effectively couple the wavelength of light to the part to be measured. They do this by using a fringe counting laser interferometer1 to detect linear motion
  • Laser Engraving Equipment - Features, Accessories and other Must-haves (.pdf)
    fast acceleration and. deceleration times as well as their ability to operate without the cogging that is sometimes seen. in other types of motors. Motor choices vary by manufacturer and machine. Red Dot Pointer - Since the CO2 laser beam is invisible, a red dot pointer is added to the. system
  • Wired 9.08: Beam On
    The wavelength of a laser beam depends on the type of atom or compound used in the chip. Ordinary laser pointers have a chip containing aluminum gallium arsenide phosphide, and emit a red beam at a wavelength of 670 nanometers. The reactive substance in a conventional pump laser is gallium indium
  • Peter Cochrane
    IF you take a torch and shine it at a distant wall it will illuminate a very large area. On the other hand, a modest laser pointer will deliver light energy over only a very limited area. One device employs a large reflector with incoherent light, while the other has a minimal reflector and highly