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  • Laser Scanner Measures Package Dimensional Weight
    Solana Beach, Calif., have developed Defined Imaging and Multiple Measurement (DIMM), a 3D laser-imager for static dimming -- the process of measuring packages moved by skids. When scanning up to four packages, DIMM calculates a length, width, and height reading for each package, along with its
  • Ultra-High Precision AFM with 6-Axis Laser and Piezo Scanner for Traceable Measurements on Semiconductors and Step Standards
    Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is used for surface measurements with resolution down to atomic levels - dimensions that are far beyond even the highest resolution optical microscopes. AFM is a noncontact procedure, with forces between a very fine measuring tip and the object surface revealing
  • Laser sensors to guide VW Passat in next Darpa Challenge
    and its reflection being received determines the distance to the object. A rotating mirror lets the laser range finder operate as a scanner, with the mirror deflecting each outgoing beam. This lets the system build a profile of the environment within the laser scanner's range. The car, fielded by a group
  • Impact of 3D Laser Data Resolution and Accuracy on Pipeline Dents Strain Analysis
    due to lack of confidence in data. This paper presents a new approach to inspect mechanical damage on pipelines by using a 3D laser scanner, dedicated analysis software and a rugged field-pack to optimize deployment in the field. This solution is an improvement over traditional non-destructive
  • Inspection/Measurement - 3-D Laser Scanning Opens the Door to Inspection And Reverse Engineering for Moldmakers - 10/09
    Using 3-D scanning technologies --such as a laser scanner mounted on a portable measuring arm --can significantly improve the efficiency of a moldmaking operation. The articulated arm moves similarly to a human arm, with ergonomic Zero-G counterbalance for one-handed operation from any position
  • Achieving Very Fast Coordinate Measurement
    Optical coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offer high single-point accuracy but do not allow for very rapid measurement. If you are looking for a very fast coordinate measurement, an automated 3D laser scanner may be a better fit.
  • Medical Device Link .
    catheter tube passes through the diameter gauge. The axial position of the part is monitored while diameter measurements are acquired at multiple points along its length (see Figure 2). To provide 360 measurement coverage, multiaxis lasers can be used, or the scanner or sample can be rotated
  • Digital dislocation of rotationally symmetrical parts
    " and the direction in which the component needs to be adjusted must be determined. Engineering company EHR uses a laser scanner from Micro-Epsilon, which enables fast and extremely precise measurements of the surface profile in order to determine these parameters.

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