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  • Digitize this: Big machines get laser scanned
    equipment because the line had to be shut down first. And tape measurements were inaccurate. In contrast, laser-scan accuracies are ±3 mm. It takes 2 to 3 hr to scan a large production machine and as much as 40 more hours to turn point-cloud data into CAD models. "Each scan generates about a 250-Mbyte
  • Scan-Plast Metalgraphics Ltd. Signs Up With TherMark
    Founded by partners Bob Fletcher and Rick Beliveau, Canadian signage solutions company Scan-Plast Metalgraphics Ltd. offers a versatile suite of services to customers across a range of businesses. Scan-Plast works with architectural firms on sign design and production; oil and gas companies
  • Long Scan Autocorrelator
    Direct measurements of laser pulses less than 20ps using photo detectors remain a challenge. The response time of high-speed photodiodes is currently limited to around 20 picoseconds; moreover, large bandwidth oscilloscopes (>60 GHz) required to accurately measure the output of these detectors
  • Amplitude and Phase Characterization of Ultrashort Laser Pulses
    As a consequence of the time-bandwidth uncertainty principle, ultrashort laser pulses carry significant bandwidth. If the spectral components that fall under the bandwidth of the laser pulse are time coincident (figure 1.1), the pulse is said to be at its transform limit. A transform-limited pulse
  • Laser Scanner Measures Package Dimensional Weight
    Solana Beach, Calif., have developed Defined Imaging and Multiple Measurement (DIMM), a 3D laser-imager for static dimming -- the process of measuring packages moved by skids. When scanning up to four packages, DIMM calculates a length, width, and height reading for each package, along with its
  • Application of 3D Laser Method for Corrosion Assessment on a Spherical Pressure Vessel
    to measure corrosion. A contact method is always problematic due to the. deteriorated external surface. Encoding a scan is also a challenge, requiring mechanical. scanners or fixture to fit the specific component geometry for referencing the defect position. 3D laser scanning is emerging as an efficient
  • Application Newsletter-UID Marking Aluminum with the i-Series Fiber Laser
    or dual head configuration. Integrated design with laser, laser control and power supplies are in one housing for each of the two scan heads. UID Marking Application Report: Aluminum samples were processed using a Pulsed fiber laser (1060nm wavelength, 1mJ @ 50kHz, 50W average) through a 160mm F-theta
  • Interferometric 3D tracking of several particles in a scanning laser focus
    High-Speed tracking of several particles allows measuring dynamic long-range interactions relevant to biotechnology and colloidal physics. In this paper we extend the successful technique of 3D back-focal plane interferometry to oscillating laser beams and show that two or more particles can

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