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  • Laser Line Scanning (.pdf)
    inside the unit produces a straight laser stripe that is projected onto a surface and a camera looks at the laser stripe at a known angle to determine the location for each point on the line.
  • Laser Welding of Thermoplastics
    joining can not be a straight forward approach as each plastic has a very complicated absorption spectrum for the infrared laser beams and their weldability greatly depends upon the types of thermoplastics and also the type of laser to be deployed. This is so because the capacity to absorb heat
  • Laser Cutting Natural Stone
    A unique mathematical model to simulate the process of cutting natural stones in rectilinear (straight line) path, by carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, was implemented in a personal computer. The implemented model determined the shape and dimension of the kerf (cut slots or channels) using such variables
  • Fiber Laser Cutting of Silicon
    ") thick and 100-300mm(4"-12") diameter. Traditionally silicon wafers have been cut with diamond saws, occasionally using a scribe and break process, which have the limitation that they can only cut straight lines and suffer from edge chipping, and frequency doubled vanadate lasers which are both slow
  • University of Waterloo Skip to the content of the web site.
    in the infrared part of the spectrum and is being used increasingly in the automotive industry. Laser beams cut or weld metals remarkably cleanly, along straight or on curved paths. They can also weld
  • Smart Computing Article - Miscellaneous
    with these types of printers without experiencing too many problems. Most paper jams occur when laser printers curl the paper around a complicated route, where any misalignment along the way can knock the paper off of the path and jam it into the printer. Make sure all paper is lined up as straight
  • Smart Computing Article - Basic Troubleshooting- CD/DVD Drives
    with a CD/DVD cleaning spray from a consumer electronics store. The water vapor from your breath can do in a pinch. Wipe the disc s recorded surface in straight lines from the inner hole to the outside edge with a clean, soft cloth. Never rub a disc sideways or in circles. Any contact with a cloth
  • Lab builds spinach-powered solar cell
    and a thin layer of gold over it to facilitate the chemical reactions that self-assemble Photosystem I. Next comes the complex itself covered with a soft organic layer that prevents electrical shorts and protects the complex from the final metallic layer. Researchers shone a laser into the device

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