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  • Vie path manual motor vehicle technology
    … 58, 337 sulfur dioxide 1167, 305 sulfur content, 291 sulfur poisoning 1079, 295 welding , welding points, emphasis … Silikatechnologie, 712 silicate ceramics , 1074 silicone brake fluid, 655 silicon nitride 659, 665 Simpsonsatz, 1074 Simplex-drum brake, 386 simulation … … test, 839 simulator technique, 1155 Simultaneous Engineering and project management in the product formation process, sintering metal , 235, 240 Sirius / … … tandem-master cylinders, 654 tangential channel 815, 303 refueling heating 254, 292 tank- to -Wheel, 348 tank … sealing system, Typschaden 99 tourmaline, 1077 door panel, 619, 1072 door locking, 31 bag vortices 920 TWI … … underbody, 154, 499 underbody protection, 577 underbody flow, 98 underbody lining with the laser -scanning-Vibrometer 1186 … … 282 combustion methods, 297, 309, 311, 313 composite axis 18, 742, 748 laminated glass , composite construction, 240 …
  • Cellular Loop: A free vibrator develops after the example of the nature
    one speaks of individual pieces and small series can Manufacturing Swiftly (RM) metals , concrete, ceramics , plastics and gypsum are processed for example the materials different with these methods. Cellular, Loop is manufactured from plastic through laser sintering as RM. … term Bionik sits down together of the words biology and technique and this connects in more interdisciplinary … … its eye-catching cell structure and its seamless, endless ribbon of shape, similar to a moebius stripping. The transfer of examples of the nature can to most different carry the also craziest results for example to the Klett band and Velcro of surfaces itself purifying to rattenscharfen blades or also to itself thanks to the Lotus effect [6]. … trotting disgust cell similarly the Spongiosa in bone or the structure of a glass sponge [7, 8 …
  • Coil Coating
    Seal 240 waste, protective film 247 waste seizure 271 sloping balance 261 waste management concept 190 squeezing … easy-to-clean 111 ECCA 291 - - project 293 - - project of teams 292 - - group Germany 294 292 property profile 188, - president, stoving 139, 144 burning temperature 71 burning time 71 printing attempt after Buchholz, 207 input control 186 input test 186 Einschicht coating … … to 249 die biegen 235 casting film 158 casting painting gloss pigment 78 glass transition temperature 222 … … 153 Kaschier mechanism 153 cascade 124 cassette profile 24 catalyst 71 85, 101 ceramics pigment 76 ketone … … film-lacquer-combination 36 varnishing parameters 189 varnishing method 121 lacquer-management 305 lacquer consumption, 152 long field light 35 Langzeitbewitterung laminates specific 191 storage 224 f. 211 laser cutting edges 226 laser … … 35 light arc bolt welding 246 supply chain 2 … … to MEK test 191 melamine-formaldehyde resin 66 MENA 285 measuring location 203 metal effect pigment 78 …
  • Laser technology for the production
    In: textitIndustrial laser Solutions A. Koglin, January 2001, pp. 29-32 [14.10] L. of bosses, A. Olowinsky, V. Kolauch, M. of Nover: laser beam soldering - soldering technologies conventional On attractive alternative to . … Carl Hanser publisher, Munich) pp. LS10-LS11 [14.13] J. Brune: Thermoplastic resins weld laser practice booklet … … Processes, UK, 9-11 May 1978, pp. 257-265 [14.23] M. of glass workers in wavy … Fine and Mikrobohrungen in metallic (steel, aluminum) and ceramic (silicon carbide, alumina, silicon nitride) materials as well … Drilling methods alternative for laser beam drilling are [15.24]: • predominantly becomes metals the electron beam … It can carry for closure of the bore.
  • Investigations of glass sealing and reactive air brazing of material for joining high temperature of solid oxides fuel cells by dilatometric examinations
    The by the contact operation occurring Stauch- or cooling measure must with the settling path of the glass solder by simultaneous coincide with Füge- and with sealing process. … three individual parts of a Repeating unit is (Interkonnektor, frame and substrate) to connect mechanically fixedly and … Stacking of of functional components to a "repeating unit" of the F-design Top and Unterschale become on outer edges and on all gas feedings through laser beam weld seams … It is thereby about a metallically soldered ceramics / metal -mixing compound that the zirconium-oxide-Elektolytschicht of the cell and the ferritic chromium steel of the window sheet metal are basic materials by.
  • Views for soldering in presence and future
    The Stoffschlüssige compounds of specific metals and ceramic materials can be realized for example by means of glass solders. Soldering has thereby against competing method, primarily welding , clear advantages. end closure , Al2O3 Figure 4, actively soldered B-Ag73CuInTi -730/670-X5Ni Co29 18 (mechanism image Degussa AG … Laser and light arc soldering: The laser beam has found in the backwards lying years input also … Classification of soldering and brazing to liquidus temperatures according to DIN 8505-2 - schematic [15] .
  • Practice knowledge Mikrosystemtechnik
    The laser separation can be used also for greater wafer thicknesses by which the application of the … Chips are fixedly connected to a prefabricated substrate or a housing by the chip assembly (engl. the … As substrates, metallic system carriers, ceramics or plastics, become the glass the silicon wafers or uses circuit boards. … the Mikrosystems must be removed, the substrates of high thermal conductivity are necessary ( metals , but also some … … completion as well as flat housing (Flat Package, center) and round housing (of the TO housing series After the electrical connection of (through Drahtbonden) the chip with the subscriber lines, the closure of the housing occurs.
  • Glastechnische manufacture errors
    Judge, H.: The effect of different liquids on the of transition from slow to almost crack propagation … Steeger, G.: influence of polar liquids on the slow fracture behavior of silicate glasses . Diss. … iridescent, verwitterte emphasizes the surface of antique glasses after they are denoted interferierenden metal oxide layer through … … 333 glass production 9, 10 glass inner surface 495 glass capillaries 489 glass ceramics 3,31,42 … … bright / dark-limit 124 bright bosses 426 inhibitions 242 He-/-Ne lasers 119 Henrysches Geset … … the form 420, the mold surface 418, in dishwashers 500 detergents 493 slide fastener (pulIed of wire … … weft wires 463 goggle glasses 69 atmosphere of protective gas 498 protective gas welding method 418 protection …
  • Dictionary of the geology / Dictionary of Geology
    … m glass sand glass foam m foam glass glass slag f glassy scoria 1st even plain smooth, glossy, polished, sponge glass splitter m shard glass structure f glassy texture glass substance f glassy matt … … tuff of glaze f ( ceramics ) glaze smoothly; 2. … freezing rain, polishing n 1st smoothes polishing glare ice ice glaze, glaze (Amer.), to polish to smooth … … to glacier removing m glacial ploughing, glacial scour[ing] of glacier outbreak m ( connected to water outbreak … … fraction m depressed rift, the block-decomposes depression V-förmiger) V-ditch trench seal f lining of … hydrophilic) hydrophilic group group f of the alkali metals alkaline group group formation f grouping group manager m party managers group silicate n sorosilicate grouped classified in groups groups to classify group grouping n grouping group f rasps waste skirt systematic group … … f pulses propagation pulses the pulse compression f pulse compressing Impulslasermikrosonde f pulsed laser microprobe pulse test …
  • Dictionary GeoTechnik / Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering
    The dragonfly connected to the receiving chamber indicates not the sounding direction but the direction the Resulting … … graph), photo(graph) vertical aerial photo(graph) claims the air vertical loads to claim ● to load … Reducing in size by breaking away small of fragment from a materially] heated container m for separation of Ö l / gas / water [low drilling technique] Behelfsbohlensperre ● of heater-treater f temporary (Stau)Bohlen-(wasser)verschluss m, provisional (Stau)Bohlen … … type mining lamp f > pit lamp mining landscape f ● mining landscape mining laser m ● mining … … crystal mountain crystal m crystallized quartz ● crystallized quartz mountain crystal m, noble glass quartz m (Quarz … … the principal ore of beryllium] beryllium n [Chemical element; a divalent alkaline earth metal ] ● to inseminate … … ● of irrigation canal structure irrigation gun f ● of irrigation gun irrigation- ceramics wick n, ceramics …

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