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    Washers - (1209 companies)
    ...fender washers, SAE washers, torque washers, and shoulder washers. Spring Washers. Spring washers, sometimes called disc springs, lend their mechanical capabilities to the unique profile of the material: the irregularities of the washer compress... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Tunnel Diodes - (20 companies)
    Tunnel Diodes Information. Tunnel diodes are heavily doped P-N diodes in which electron tunneling from the conduction band in the N-type material to the valence band in the P-type region produces a region of negative resistance... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pressure Washers - (383 companies)
    ...or for the demolition of products made of metal, wood, concrete, stone, plastic, glass or other building materials. Pressure Washer Components. Pressure washers are available as complete machines or systems, or they can be purchased in component form and built from... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Spring Washers - (146 companies)
    Spring washers, sometimes called disc springs, lend their mechanical capabilities to the unique profile of the material: the irregularities of the washer compress with a proportionate resistance to return to their predeflected shape. Spring washers... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Microplate Washers - (52 companies)
    ...with the timing of the desired activities, such as dispensing, waiting, shaking, and aspiration. Once this is complete, a microplate may be inserted into the washer and the process started. Automatic microplate washers are designed to profile microplates... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Cooling Tunnels - (36 companies)
    ...into the tunnel while drawing heated air from the parts out the opposite end. Passing air over the parts results in significantly faster cooling times and more even cooling. There are two basic types of cooling tunnels: continuous and discontinuous. Continuous... Learn More
  • Wind Tunnels - (15 companies)
    ...moved by a series of powerful fans and is mixed with smoke, suspended particles, or oil to visualize aerodynamic effects. A vehicle within a wind tunnel, showing a visualized airstream. Image credit: SeriousWheels. Wind tunnels are typically classified... Learn More
  • Labware Washers - (71 companies)
    ...washer can have multiple settings similar to commercial dishwashers. Many times the washer is programmable to allow for customized was cycles. Important parameters to consider when selecting labware washers are the temperature range and whether... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Thrust Washers - (49 companies)
    Precision-engineered thrust washers are used in high-wear applications such as transmissions, power take-offs, pumps, axle assemblies, motors, and winches. Thrust washer kits contain thrust washers of varying thicknesses for correct installation during... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Spray Washers - (247 companies)
    Spray Washers Information. Spray washers clean parts with a directed, pressurized spray of hot water, detergent or cleaning solution. They are used to remove grease, soil, oil, abrasive dust, blast debris, swarf, paint, corrosion or other... Search by Specification | Learn More
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This article is about the laundry-cleaning apparatus.

Commercial Laundry Equipment, Flatwork Ironers and Rotary...
Laundry machines | Foundry machines | BMM Weston Laundry has supplied a range of laundry finishing equipment for almost 50 years.

Norchem » Water Recycling, Energy Conservation,...
Laundry Chemicals Norbrite Ultrapure Chemical Dispensing Systems
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Milnor Continuous Batch Tunnel Washer CBW Experts
TUNNEL WASHER LAUNDRY SYSTEMS Tunnel Washers 101 Industrial Laundry Experts Ultrasonic Detector Experts
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Colmac Industries, Inc. PO Box 72 Colville, WA 99114-0072 USA...
Most tunnel washers use motion. When the goods move in the cylinder, they a certain amount of counterflow in rinsing, as well as tend
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Last edited 11/2/11 kk VII.A.3 Fabric Cleaning and Washing...
Table Y. Laundry Production in Common Operations Type of On-Premise Pounds of Laundry Laundry Operation per person/day per room/day Hospitals 25

Tunnel Washers: Science and Innovation » G.A. Braun,...
For nearly 50 years, batch tunnel washers have provided laundry operators with a cost-effective means of processing large quantities of textiles.
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Cherrytree OP400 | R&R
Our Laundry equipment includes washers and tunnel washers, dryers, ironers, feeders, folders, finishers and dry cleaning machines.

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