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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LCD511000 PLC Radwell Sick Optic Electronic Components, LCD/LED Display LCD DISPLAY W/PC BOARD
LCD-DEMO-BOARD ASAP Semiconductor PHILIPS Not Provided Not Provided
LCD-DEMO-BOARD ASAP Semiconductor PHI Not Provided SPQ 1
LCD8000-97C Newark / element14 ELEMENT14 Not Provided ELEMENT14 - LCD8000-97C - 9.7' LCD MOD; FOR SABRE LITE / MARS / RIOT BOARD
LCD INTERFACE BOARD S511P (FJ) National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
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  • Quality Inspection for TFT-LCD Manufacturing
    Zero fault tolerance is necessary to achieve high quality and productivity in TFT-LCD manufacturing. Ruggedly designed multi-port USB-to-serial solutions have been proven effective for data transmission between hosts and quality inspection equipment. Moxa Application - Quality Inspection
  • Interfacing PICmicro (R) MCUs to an LCD Module
    This application note interfaces a micrange PICmicro device to a Hitachi LM032L LCD character display module, with a two line by twenty character display. LCD modules are useful for displaying text information from a system. In large volume applications, the use of custom LCD displays becomes
  • AN0025 LCD Inverter Range of SM Ceramic Capacitors (.pdf)
    was considered as a single. visible arc, multiple arcs or dielectric. Above: Test Board and Dimensions (mm). breakdown. Results. AN0025 Issue 2 – LCD Inverter Range. CN# P103199. Cumulative Flash Failures 1808 6kV. 100%. 90%. 80%. s. 70%. r. e. i. l. u. 60%. a. F. e. 50%. t. i. v. l. a. 40%. u. m. 30%. u. C. 20%
  • Matching Embedded PC Boards to Medical Applications
    PC board has a 486-class cpu, VGA CRT and. flat-panel LCD interfaces, RS-232 and RS-422/RS-485 seri-. In the past, it was more common for designers to select a mi-. al ports, a printer port, digital I/O, a solid-state disk, and a. croprocessor or microcontroller chip, design the supporting. PC/104
  • PCB Repair Station Built on Highly Accurate Gantry Reduces Scrapped Boards
    , projects any 'problem traces' onto the board with an LCD projector, which indicates the most likely areas or faults and it also detects recurring production errors. The Techno CNC Gantry allows the projected images from the LCD to be positioned with accuracy and precision that is essential in today 's
  • Conversion of Graphics PICtail Plus Board 2 for Compatibility with USB PICtail Plus
    ). Battery Management CAN Computers (SMSC) Digital Entertainment Units (SMSC) Displays. Graphical Displays. Segmented LCD. Ethernet High Temperature Home Appliance Lighting LIN Low Power Medical Metering Motor Control & Drive. Industrial & Embedded Systems (SMSC) Portable Consumer Electronics (SMSC) Power
  • Modifying the PICDEMTM USB Board for PIC18 Full-Speed USB Microcontrollers
    PIC18 USB microcontroller. © 2005 Microchip Technology Inc. DS91095A-page 1. TB095. FIGURE 1: PICDEM™ USB BOARD LAYOUT WITH LOCATIONS OF REQUIRED. HARDWARE CHANGES. 3b. USB Communication Status (PORTB). J10. Powered. Addressed. Sleeping. EP1 - Act. Keypad. Default. Configured. EP0 - Act. EP2 - Act. LCD
  • Enhanced User Interface
    to the next level. We are constantly adapting new technology to our industry in order to resolve customer issues. One such technology has been the new enhanced graphic LCD's that are now readily available. Adding graphic LCD technology to our latest generation of instruments has greatly simplified

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