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  • Touch Screen Selection Guide
    resolution may be adequate to activate large targets but for mouse tracking or small target activation, resolution equivalent to that of the monitor is desirable. Parallax-- If a significant variance exists between the target position on the LCD and the point on the touch screen matrix that, when activated
  • Active Matrix LCD with Integrated Optical Touch Screen
    A 2.4 in. by 2.4 in. TFT LCD is presented with an embedded 60x60 array of a-Si photo sensors, for use as a high performance touch-enabled LCD with low cost. In the shadow mode the optical touch screen operates with finger or stylus input under ambient lighting conditions from 50 lux to 50 klux. TFT
  • Primetech uses Roadwater's vehicle LCD Display on Fire Truck
    configurations of the RWD080M include a 600 nit (cd/m2) high bright optically enhanced LCD with touch screen, one PC VGA and 3 composite video inputs, 9-32V DC operation, VESA mounting support and an all-in-one cable for convenient vehicle installations. Primetech is one of the UKs leading providers
  • Optically Bonding Electronic Displays
    Over-frame bonding - uses the original metal frame of the LCD for mechanical support. A sealant is used to prevent ingress of the bonding adhesives into the display electronics. The cover glass rests over the frame of the LCD and is optically bonded to the front surface of the LCD and sealed
  • Interface Solutions for Planar's EL Displays
    , in the. monochrome LCD industry, though the LCD terminology is typically different. (e.g., FRM = VS, LP or LOAD = HS, CP = VCLK). The 1 and 2 bit interfaces are similar to the 4 bit interface but with slight timing. differences and with fewer bits of pixel data clocked in per clock. The 8 bit interface is based
  • Medical Device Link .
    objectives for overall size of the LCD assembly. (click to enlarge). A tactile feedback system for touch screens includes actuators, controllers, and a software interface for controlling tactile cues from application software (see Figure 1). When a user touches the screen, a signal is sent
  • Rugged Marine Computer from Small PC Selected by McKim & Creed, Inc. for Installation on Catamaran as Hydrographic Surveying System
    McKim & Creed, Inc. has selected Small PC's Marine Touch Screen LCD computer model SDC150 for use in its' catamaran Hydrographic Survey System. Rugged Computer in helicopter. A Div. of ICI Controls Inc. Please call for more information: Toll Free Ph. 1-877-505-5022. Products: Panel Mount Computers
  • Use of Light Sensors to Enable Smart Features in Energy Efficient Electronics
    Adjusting the intensity of LCD screens - based on the amount of ambient light - can conserve energy and. deliver an appropriate amount of screen brightness for users. Energy can be saved for applications. powered from the mains, such as LCD TVs, monitors, and street lighting; and for battery