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Parts by Number for LCD Module Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LCD-MODULE2X16 National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
LCD MODULE ASAP Semiconductor HANTRON Not Provided Not Provided
LCD MODULE ASAP Semiconductor LUMEXOPT Not Provided Not Provided
LCD National Microchip MODULE Not Provided 10
LCD National Microchip MODULE Not Provided 1X16
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  • Interfacing PICmicro (R) MCUs to an LCD Module
    This application note interfaces a micrange PICmicro device to a Hitachi LM032L LCD character display module, with a two line by twenty character display. LCD modules are useful for displaying text information from a system. In large volume applications, the use of custom LCD displays becomes
  • Optimizing LCD Power Consumption
    with a microcontroller (MCU) through a serial bus. Another option is to design with a raw display and a microcontroller that includes a display driver, eliminating the fixed-function LCD driver from the system and freeing up a serial bus. This approach has numerous advantages over a module such as greater
  • Low-Power Techniques for LCD Applications
    in meeting FIGURE 2: SIMPLIFIED LCD CIRCUIT this requirement. While the LCD Driver module makes TH = (2R*R)/(2R+R)R RTOTAL = RTH + RSW + RCOMdriving LCDs very easy, there are important factors to 2 RTH = 2R /3R take into account in configuring the module so that TH = 2R/3R application can be optimized
  • Quality Inspection for TFT-LCD Manufacturing
    and highly technical process. The three major stages in TFT-LCD panel production are the array, LC cell, and module assembly processes. In addition, each finished panel must also pass a series of quality inspection tests such as defect inspection and lighting tests. The most challenging part
  • Yet Another Clock Featuring the PIC16C924
    note will discuss the use of the following peripherals used to implement the clock: Timer1, PORTB, CCP, A/D converter, and the LCD Module. All source code and examples are written in C and compiled using Microchip?s MPLAB-C compiler. Yet Another Clock Featuring the PIC16C924. M. AN649. Yet Another
  • Using the PIC Devices' SSP and MSSP Modules for Slave I2C Communication
    MASTERs Conference. Applications. Audio & Speech. Wireless Audio (SMSC). Automotive. Automotive (SMSC). Battery Management CAN Computers (SMSC) Digital Entertainment Units (SMSC) Displays. Graphical Displays. Segmented LCD. Ethernet High Temperature Home Appliance Lighting LIN Low Power Medical
  • SID - Society For Information Display
    LG.Philips LCD Considers New TFT-LCD Module Factory in Eastern Europe Seoul, Korea, August 26 - LG..Philips LCD, one of the world's leading TFT-LCD manufacturers, said today that it is considering setting up a new TFT-LCD module factory in Eastern Europe. The company is currently looking at several
  • Updating Modem Module Firmware on DT8xM Model Data Loggers
    during the upgrade. When the process is complete, you should see an "UPGRADE SUCCESS " message displayed on the LCD. If, after inserting the USB device, the red Attn LED comes on for a few seconds and the upgrade does not proceed, then recheck the available disk space on the datalogger. Request More

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