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  • LDO Thermal Considerations
    with very low input/output voltage differentials, hence the name "low dropout regulators" or LDOs. LDOs specify maximum output current and input voltage limits, but blindly operating the LDO within these limits will surely result in exceeding the maximum power dissipation capability. LDO Thermal
  • CMOS LDO Regulators for Portable Devices (.pdf)
    ROHM CMOS LDO (low drop-out) regulators are tailored for use in portable devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders. Lower in cost and small in packaging, ROHM CMOS LDOs offer designers a superior alternative to PWM regulators in many point-of-load regulation applications
  • Understanding Startup Surge Current With MSK's RH1573 Based Rad Hard LDO Regulators
    the resistor between the base and emitter of. the pass transistor. The saturated drive current is approximated with the following. equation. �� Understanding Startup Surge Current With. MSK’s RH1573 Based Rad Hard LDO Regulators. By Paul Musil, MS Kennedy Corp.; 09/2009. The MSK5800RH, 5810RH
  • DC Performance Comparisons of CMOS vs Bipolar LDOs When Operating in "Dropout" (Vin = Nominal Vout) Mode (list devices)
    battery for their power source. Digital cameras contain high-speed memory ICs, which require tight voltage regulation at moderate loads to meet the required timing parameters of the system. Precision low dropout (LDO) regulator devices can be used to meet these requirements but in doing so, the LDO
  • MCP1701 vs MCP1701A vs MCP1702 Technical Brief
    TB3006 MCP1701 vs MCP1701A vs MCP1702 OPERATION Author: Matthew Williams Microchip Technology Inc. Thermal Protection The MCP1702 thermal protection circuitry will shut- INTRODUCTION down the LDO if the internal junction temperature of the LDO rises above the typical threshold temperature of Since
  • Pin-Compatible CMOS Upgrades to Bipolar LDOs
    bipolar LDO over Microchip's CMOS LDOs. Pin-Compatible CMOS Upgrades to Bipolar LDOs M. AN766. Pin-Compatible CMOS Upgrades to Bipolar LDOs. Author: Don Alfano, Danny Alred,. SUPPLY CURRENT: Abid Hussain and Paul Paglia,. CMOS VS. BIPOLAR. Microchip Technology Inc. Figure 1(A) and Figure 1(B
  • Precision RTD Instrumentation for Temperature Sensing
    , the system accuracy reference voltage (Figure 1) and accurately measure depends on several factors such as the RTD type, temperature ratiometrically. A low drop out linear biasing circuit tolerance and stability, error due to regulator (LDO) is used to provide a reference voltage. power
  • Power Design for Xilinx (R) Virtex-5 FPGAs (.pdf)
    This power reference design supports all power requirements for Xilinx's Virtex-5 FPGA solutions. System design with a 5-V input voltage and uses TI power modules, DC/DC and LDO. For 3.3-V and 5-V designs, visit TI Power for Xilinx Virtex-5.