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  • Flow Meters-Image
    Flow Meters - (1647 companies)
    Flow meters (flowmeters) and flow sensors are devices used for measuring the flow rate or quantity of a moving fluid or gas. How to Select Flow Meters. Image Credit: Aalborg Instruments, Clark Solutions. Flow meters are devices for measuring...
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    Process Media Type
    Aggressive / Corrosive Process Media
  • Liquid Leak Detectors-Image
    Liquid Leak Detectors - (247 companies)
    ...sensors are typically manufactured for compatibility with specific liquid types. For example, manufacturers may design sensors to detect water leaks, corrosive fluid leaks, or petroleum-based leaks. Sensors may also be configured to effectively detect...
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  • High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC)-Image
    High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC) - (136 companies)
    High performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) use a liquid mobile phase to separate the components of a mixture. The components are dissolved in a solvent and forced to flow through a chromatographic column under high pressure. High performance...
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  • Leak Testing Equipment-Image
    Leak Testing Equipment - (451 companies)
    Leak testing equipment is used to measure the escape of liquids, vacuum or gases from sealed components or systems. Image Credit: Agilent Technologies Inc. | Uson, L.P. Leak testing equipment is used to measure the escape of liquids, vacuum or gases...
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  • HPLC Columns-Image
    HPLC Columns - (152 companies)
    High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns use a liquid mobile phase to separate the components of a mixture. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a separation technique that uses liquid mobile phase to separate the components...
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    HPLC Detectors - (51 companies)
    High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) detectors pass a beam of light through a column effluent as the fluid passes through a low-volume flow cell. Variations in light intensity are recorded and a chromatograph is generated. HPLC detectors use...
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    Liquid Level Sensors - (706 companies)
    Liquid level sensors are used to detect liquid levels or interfaces between liquids such as oil and water or liquids and solids. Liquid level sensors are used to detect liquid levels or interfaces between liquids such as oil and water or liquids...
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    Liquid Level Switches - (404 companies)
    ...selecting a switch it is important to consider the type of measurement, the switch type, the configuration, and the pole and throw specifications. Type of Measurement. Liquid level sensors provide measurement of the height or position of a fluid surface...
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    Liquid Flow Meters - (597 companies)
    Liquid Flow Meters. Image Credit: ABB Measurement Products. Liquid flow meters are used to measure the volumetric flow rate or amount of a moving liquid. With some devices, the flow rate is determined by measuring the liquid's velocity, a function...
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    Volumetric Liquid Flow Switches - (134 companies)
    ...for volumetric liquid flow switches include. Liquid volumetric flow rate range - Liquid volumetric flow rate range is the range of flow in volume/time. This specification applies to volumetric flow sensors and meters for liquids. Operating temperature...
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  • Flexible packaging and interconnect scheme for microfluidic systems
    In the process of demonstrating the microfabricated particle separator and sensor described in the previous section, we developed microfluidic interconnects which are easy to … … reusable, do not require epoxy, have a low dead vol- ume, are helium leak tight, can withstand hundreds … Standard PEEK high performance liquid chro- matography ( HPLC ) tubing is used, with the tip formed to engage with either an o-ring or a molded gasket, which simulta- neously provides a seal and mechanical retention strength.
  • Handbook of Technical Diagnostics
    Half live, 223 Hall sensors , 50 Hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy (HAXPES), 309, 310 Heat capacity, 27 Heat exchanger, 240 … … speed train, 369, 381 High temperature corrosion, 33 High temperature creep degradation, 147 High-performance liquid chromatography ( HPLC ), 547, 553 Historic index … … parts, 122 electrical hum, 122 friction or binding, 122, 124 inadequate lubrication, 122 leaks , 122, 131, 132 …
  • A simple flowcell for reaction monitoring by NMR
    The inlet HPLC tubing runs continuously through the headpiece, and the outlet tube (9) is mated to … As a precaution against probe damage from reactant leaks , a liquid sensor (7; Sensortechnics, type OLP01B0F3) is placed below the headpiece.
  • Amperometric Sensor Based on Neutral Red‐Doped Silica Nanoparticles Coupled with Microdialysis for the Measurement of Glutamate in the Rat Striatum
    tronic mediator.20,21 However, sensors with adsorbed NR always show short life time because of the leakage of NR. … a powerful tool for continuous sampling and makes it possible to investigate biochemical events in ECF of animals and human tissues.22-25 In many cases, this sampling method is generally coupled to high- performance liquid chromatography ( HPLC ) or capil- lary electrophoresis …
    machine also includes automated cleaning and automated diagnostics for flow and leak Finally, a fluid sensor detecting the presence of liquid in tubing leading to the HPLC injector was incorporated so that HPLC injection could be automated.
  • Contact Lens Sensors in Ocular Diagnostics
    … is a close relationship for certain metabolites between both fluids due to plasma leakage , where the components … and Cl− ion concentrations, contact lens sensors can act as con- tinuous and minimally invasive diagnostic devices … Based on electrophoretic techniques, high-performance liquid chromatography ( HPLC ) and mass spectrometry,[54] 97 unique proteins have been .
  • Current literature in mass spectrometry
    … 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland Chem Commun 2004 (19) 2204 Automated immobilized metal affinity chromatography/nano- liquid chroma- tography/electrospray ionization … … USA Chemometr Intell Lab Syst 2004 73 (1) 105 Comparative study between gas sensors arrays device, sensory … … Acta Pt B Atom Spect 2004 59 (9) 1471 One-minute full-gradient HPLC /UV/ELSD/MS analysis to … … Italy Ann Chim-Rome 2004 94 (9-10) 721 Microsystem with integrated capillary leak to mass spectrometer …
  • Trace Chemical Sensing of Explosives Complete Document
    Leakage , 73, 183 LED, 200, 327 LIBS, 158, 327 LIF, 112, 271, 280, 327 Limit of detection, 8, 23, 27, 31, 179, 181, 231, 233, 234, 254, 258, 277 Liquid phase, 80 Lithium ion battery, 215 LOC/ HPLC , 28 – 31, 327 … … 318 NB, 45, 46, 50, 53, 274, 332 Negative ions, 212 Neutron-based sensors , 4 New Guinea …
  • R and D, fabrication and testing of pH and CO/sub 2/ sensors for geothermal brines
    I n order t o minimize any detrimental effects on the sensor from rapid pressurization, a "buffer" … … a somewhat "energetic" one, posing a potential danger i n the event o f a sudden leak . I n an effort t o overcane these di.sadvantages, an alternative pressuriza- t i o n system using solution and a High Pressure Liquid Chromatography ( HPLC ) pump was used i n some of the tests, particularly those i n which actual …
  • Preparation of a magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer with pseudo template for rapid simultaneous determination of cyromazine and melamine in bio-matrix samp...
    … gold nanoparticles [23], acoustic chemsen- sors based on MIP films [24], a potentiometric sensor based on MIP … Numerous analytical approaches for sam- ple preparation and simultaneous determination of CYR and MEL have also been published, including high-performance liquid chromatography ( HPLC ) [28–30], liquid chromatogra- phy–mass spectrometry (LC–MS) [31, 32], capillary electrophoresis (CE) [33], and gas chromatography–mass spectroscopy (GS–MS) [34 … To avoid template leakage , which deleteriously affects the accura- cy of detection results, pseudo template MIP has …

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