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Parts by Number for Leather Fabric Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
C1200L Global Industrial MSA Safety Works Not Provided Split Cowhide Leather Palm Glove, C1200l, Large, Grey W/ Red Striped Fabric
78-3927KW/M Global Industrial Pip Industries Not Provided Pip Pigskin Leather Palm W/Thinsulate ™ Lining, Striped Fabric, M
62551 Global Industrial Eldon Office Products Not Provided Rolodextm Patterned Fabric And Faux Leather Business Card Book
1000 Global Industrial Regency Seating Not Provided Imperial High Back Leather & Fabric Swivel
TR-VFIP4-CB/EN ASAP Semiconductor SIMPLISM Not Provided Flip - Leather, Fabric

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