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  • LED Backlight Technology White Paper
    in the design of Liquid Crystal Displays and then takes you through the various types of backlights. The technologies included are Electroluminescent (EL) lighting, LEDs, Fiber Optic, Array LEDs with Edge lit LED Lightguides, and Cold Cathode Fluorescent (CCFL) backlights. For each technology
  • The Evolution of Switched Capacitor Backlight Drivers in Mobile Phones
    Today the majority of mobile phones use white LEDs to provide backlighting for the color display. Nearly every phone designer strives to drive the backlight with the most efficient, smallest size, and simplest solution available. Typically they decide to implement one of the two most common types
  • New PCT Compound for LED Reflector Resin
    Light-emitting diodes (LED), as a new light source, are being used more and more as display backlight and general lighting. Due to the increase of brightness and electrical current of LED packaging (PKG), there are demanding requirements of LED re ector resins on heat. and light stability. A high
  • Make a White LED Torch Using a Buck Converter
    Very popular in portable backlight applications, the white. LED finds more and more derivatives on adjacent market. Its small package size and light efficient conversion. contribute to replace standard illumination solution. White. LED considerably improves their technologies in the last. years
  • SID - Society For Information Display
    Samsung Launches LED-Backlit LCD TV and Full-HD LCD TVs released a new liquid-crystal display (LCD) TV using a light-emitting diode (LED) backlight in early September, as well as two new LCD TVs realizing full high-definition (HD) resolution. The company's 40-in. LED-backlit LCD model features
  • Society for Information Display New Products August 2004
    contrast ratio. The design is intended for test and measurement applications that require high-content outputs. The display features a 4-chip white LED backlight that is suitable for portable, battery-powered applications; a 25-ms response time, and a wide temperature range of -20 to +70 degrees C
  • Society for Information Display New Products March 2002
    and constant-current output is intended to make this series attractive as a white-LED backlight power supply in cell phones and PDAs. Since small ceramic capacitors can be used as external capacitors, the S-8813 helps reduce the size of the overall circuit. The S-8813 can power up to three LEDs and is available
  • Connecting LEDs: Serial vs. Parallel
    When designing a handheld device with a color display using white LEDs for backlighting, is it better to use parallel or series connected LEDs? Both architectures have their own advantages when you consider the key parameters – efficiency, brightness matching, LED control and physical size

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