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  • LED s Shine On
    it is critical for safety or reducing maintenance. Open LED protection takes the form of an electronic shunt that bypasses current around the open circuit resulting from a single LED failure. It is an internally triggered two-terminal device which automatically resets if the LED heals itself
  • MEMS sensors play role in LED lighting revolution
    LED lighting system costs can be reduced with good control circuit design and component selection.
  • A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
    AN1138 A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver drive current for this type of LED would be 350 mA and Author: Stephen Bowling a typical forward voltage would be 3.5V. Secondly, we Microchip Technology Inc. will assume that the circuit input voltage is 12V. The inductor value will be chosen
  • Buck Configuration High-Power LED Driver
    The circuit and firmware described in this application note demonstrates a minimal parts count driver/controller for a high-power (1W or greater) LED. The circuit is based on a buck topology switching power supply using the on-chip comparator peripheral within the PIC12F675 PIC (R) microcontroller
  • Universal Off-Line LED String Driver with PFC
    This Design Note describes an up to 10 watt, off-line. universal input, LED string driver with power factor. correction (PFC). It incorporates the NCP1014 "mini" boost. power factor corrector circuit described in. ON Semiconductor Design Note DN06064 in conjunction. with ON Semiconductor's new
  • Buck-Boost LED Driver Using the PIC16F785 MCU
    This application note presents the design equations, schematics and source code for a 5.5W power LED driver using the PIC16F785 MCU. The application, as shown, can be connected to operate as a buck-boost converter or a boost converter. The PIC16F785 makes a great choice for this application because
  • Circut Ideas: LED driver lights three LED strings and provides constant voltage supply
    channels as a voltage source, the CAP and the LED pin of the channel must be tied to the top voltagesense resistor R1. Channel four is a boost circuit that generates a 15.5-V output at 700 mA from a 9-V supply with 90% efficiency. A point to note is that the CAP and LED pins are the inputs to a voltage
  • 30 V, 2 A High Efficiency CVCC LED Driver
    . strings up to 30 V at a max current of up to 3 A. This design. is suitable for LED street lighting and wall pack lamp. applications. The maximum output voltage and output. current can be adjusted via resistors R28 and R26. respectively, shown in the secondary circuit schematic. The. detailed

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