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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LED-SPCV-LV100W Allied Electronics, Inc. OPTO 22 Not Provided Network LED Dimmer, Serial Communication, 12-24VDC LED Assemblies, 100 Watt
69-DIM1 Allied Electronics, Inc. NTE ELECTRONICS Not Provided LED Dimmer RF Remote Controlled 12VDC for Single Color Strips
69-DIM2 Newark / element14 NTE ELECTRONICS Not Provided NTE ELECTRONICS - 69-DIM2 - LED DIMMER
E3X-D02FP Digi-Key Illumra Networking Solutions WIRELESS LED DIMMER CONST VOLT
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  • 5 Tips for Buying LED Lighting
    the information from the dimmer to the LEDs to reduce. LED Lighting Solutions | p. 877-677-7759 | 1. the light output when the dimmer is used. 3. In fixtures, the driver would also interface with daylight sensor, motion sensors, etc. to make. the necessary corrections
  • High Efficiency - Low Cost LED Dimming
    can be thought of as having two separate. voltage to the circuit is at the minimum conduction angle. portions. There is a LED management portion and there is. Also some dimmers require 20 mA of loading current so. a dimmer management and PWM Signal portion. the NSI50010 can be replaced
  • ENERGY STAR (R) Compliant - Low Cost LED Dimming
    This circuit can be thought of as having two separate portions. There is a LED management portion and there is a dimmer management and PWM Signal portion. The LED management portion charges the output capacitor to a "DC" state. The dimmer management portion provides loading current for an SCR
  • Controlling Consumers' Expectations of LED Lighting: Why Dimming is So Important
    Controlling consumers' expectations of LED lighting: why dimming is so important. Manufacturers of LED lighting products need to consider the control options for their products and understand the applications in which their products will be used, say Chris Salvestrini and Amanda Beebe. The US
  • Using a PIC (R) Microcontroller for DMX512 Communication
    mechanism. Hence, it is PWM module to control the brightness of a LED. not suitable for any safety critical application. Data is transmitted at 250k baud rate using a physical interface BACKGROUND compatible with the RS-485 transmission standard. AN1076. Using a PIC® Microcontroller
  • Hubble Rules Out a Leading Explanation for Dark Matter
    atmosphere. This makes the red stars appear indistinguishable from the far more distant, diffuse-looking galaxies. PINNING DOWN THE LONG-SOUGHT HALO POPULATION. Hubble's capabilities made it possible for a team of astronomers led by Bahcall and Gould to observe red stars that are 100 times dimmer than
  • Hubble Provides a Moving Look at Neptune's Stormy Disposition
    on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, a team of scientists led by Lawrence A. Sromovsky of the University of Wisconsin-Madison has captured the most insightful images to date of a planet whose blustery weather -- monster storms and equatorial winds of 900 miles per hour -- bewilders scientists. Blending a series
  • Putting a Lid on Electromagnetic Interference - A Twisted/Shielded Tale (.pdf)
    brows on the plant floor (heat rather than stress induced) a thing of the past. The HVAC crew expected a meter reading much lower than the ambient temperature of about 90 degrees F. Instead they got one that went off the charts. The temperature meter's LED flashed 999.9. Twisted Shielded Thermocouple

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