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  • Interfacing the NCP1840 LED Driver to an I2C Serial EEPROM
    The NCP1840 LED driver allows for full. programmability of 8 separate LED channels through a. simple I2C serial communication interface. Programming is. conveniently done by writing to internal registers via the. serial interface. In addition to being able to write to the. registers, the NCP1840
  • Buck-Boost LED Driver Using the PIC16F785 MCU
    This application note presents the design equations, schematics and source code for a 5.5W power LED driver using the PIC16F785 MCU. The application, as shown, can be connected to operate as a buck-boost converter or a boost converter. The PIC16F785 makes a great choice for this application because
  • A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
    AN1138 A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver drive current for this type of LED would be 350 mA and Author: Stephen Bowling a typical forward voltage would be 3.5V. Secondly, we Microchip Technology Inc. will assume that the circuit input voltage is 12V. The inductor value will be chosen
  • 30 V, 2 A High Efficiency CVCC LED Driver
    This Design Note (DN) is an extension to. ON Semiconductor's Evaluation Board User's Manual. EVBUM2039/D and features a 30 V max, 2 A version of the. off-line, NCL30051 based constant voltage, constant. current (CVCC) high efficiency LED driver. The original. document features a 55 V max, constant
  • What type of LED driver or power supply do I need?
    sources that provide a "constant-current" output have typically been referred to as LED drivers. In the past, AC-DC power supplies that provided a regulated "constant-voltage" to LEDs were referred to as LED power supplies. Today, the terms "LED driver" and "LED Power Supply" are used
  • Offline LED Driver Intended for ENERGY STAR (R) Residential LED Luminaire Applications
    This reference document describes a built-and-tested,. GreenPoint (R) solution for an isolated 8 W constant current. LED driver which is intended to support the residential. power factor requirements of the DoE ENERGY STAR. Standard for Solid State Lighting Luminaires (Version 1.1. - 12/19/08
  • Buck Configuration High-Power LED Driver
    The circuit and firmware described in this application note demonstrates a minimal parts count driver/controller for a high-power (1W or greater) LED. The circuit is based on a buck topology switching power supply using the on-chip comparator peripheral within the PIC12F675 PIC (R) microcontroller
  • High Power IR LED Driver Using the PIC16C781/782
    Early infrared (IR) remote control systems employed a simple on-off modulation of an IR LED to transmit the control data between the remote control and the appliance. Unfortunately, while this method was simple to implement, it suffered from both interference and range problems. A warm object

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