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  • A new machine gun for GI Joe
    , low-recoil gun that mounts on vehicles and tripods and fires standard .50-caliber cartridges, including tracers, armor-piercing incendiaries, and sabot light-armor penatrators. Rounds feed from the left or right using the same deteriorating metal belt as the M2 uses. The gun weighs just 43 lb, including
  • CNC Router Helps Reduce Time to Produce Automated Wet Process Machines from 1900 to 1000 Hours
    ; however, they can handle heavy cuts in plastic and wood and light cuts in metal which made them ideally suited for Poly Design's workload. Poly Design managers looked at several machines of this type and ended up purchasing the Techno Series III router from Techno-Isel, New Hyde Park, New York
  • Sensor Could Detect Concealed Weapons Without X-Rays
    machines or radar instruments, the sensor doesn't have to generate a signal to detect objects - it spots them based on how brightly they reflect the natural radiation that is all around us every day. There is always a certain amount of radiation - light, heat, and even microwaves - in the environment
  • Hubble Observes the Fire and Fury of a Stellar Birth
    to several independent teams of astronomers that have used Hubble to observe different embryonic stars. The Hubble observations shed new light on one of modern astronomy's central questions: how do tenuous clouds of interstellar gas and dust make stars like our Sun? "For the first time we are seeing
  • Hubble Sees a Neutron Star Alone in Space
    Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have taken their first direct look, in visible light, at a lone neutron star. This offers a unique opportunity to pinpoint its size and to narrow theories about the composition and structure of this bizarre class of gravitationally collapsed, burned
  • EXEL North America Announces..... NESHAP 6H - Paint Rule Compliance (.pdf)
    and. • Thermal or cryogenic decomposition. have a filtered efficiency of at least 98%. • Intense light. METHYLENE CHLORIDE (MECL) USAGE. Please note: Some states have more stringent MeCl usage. Due to other current EPA rules on the use of MeCl, KPA has. regulations. For instance Cal-OSHA and the CA air
  • Medical Device Link .
    in imaging environments. Meanwhile, OEMs champion ceramics for their wear resistance and biocompatibility in implants. In light of this changing material landscape, the question remains: Will the rise of ceramics and polymers ultimately spell the demise of metal in the medical industry? Metal fabricators
  • New low impact paper
    when the green light was given to build the production scale pilot machine in the technology center. After the intensive research program the high-pressure airless technology was selected as the basis for the OptiSpray coating process. The liquid film hits the atmosphere after the nozzle, loses speed

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