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  • Light Sensors

    Light sensors often use an infrared LED as a light source. Infrared LEDs have a greater intensity than LEDs that emit visible light. And when infrared photodiodes are used the sensors are relatively insensitive to ambient light. Photoelectric light sources are often modulated at a given frequency

  • Use of Light Sensors to Enable Smart Features in Energy Efficient Electronics

    maintaining screen brightness levels. that are pleasing to the eye. Microsoft Word - Light Sensor White Paper TND408/D. Rev. 0, SEPT − 2010. Use of Light Sensors to Enable Smart. Features in Energy Efficient. Electronics. © Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2010. 1. Publication Order

  • ROHM's Ambient Light Sensor Applications in Portable Electronics (.pdf)

    in portable products. As a result, the use of an ambient light sensor (ALS) to optimize the operation of the backlight LEDs under a variety of environmental lighting situations is increasing while, at the same time, the preferred technology choices available to designers for sensing have shifted towards

  • Controlling Light

    Operational supplies are frequently used to regulate the intensity of heavy-duty light sources such as xenon or arc lamps. The uniform illumination of a monochronometer is a typical objective. Light sensors typically provide the regulating feedback. These sensors include photomultiplier tubes

  • Alternating Current (AC) powered light sources have variations in light output.

    Alternating Current (AC) powered light sources have variations in light output. This variation or flicker may affect a light sensor's output, which creates unwanted variations in light measurements unless appropriate techniques are used to filter out the flicker.

  • Pick-to-Light System Error-Proofs Automotive Parts Assembly

    and demonstrate dramatic improvements in quality control to obtain a new project contract. They selected Omron to design and install a poka-yoke system based on pick-to-light sensors. The popular Japanese mistake-proofing method called "poka-yoke" gives an assembler the opportunity to correct an error

Discussions about Light Sensor Schematic
  • Re: Stepper Motor Rotation Using Pic 16f877

    Solar energy is rapidly advancing as an important means ofrenewable energy resource. More energy is produced by trackingthe solar panel to remain aligned to the sun at a right angle to therays of light. This paper describes in detail the design andconstruction of a prototype for solar tracking syste...

  • Re: Motion Sensors

    Michael, I found the Motorola design reference manual on Passive Infrared Unit it's a PDF file. Motorola Design Manual I hopes this helps you. As several people have already said there PIR, ultrasound, radar, and laser ranging, also there vision systems. The PIR detects mot...

  • Re: Truck Loading Position and Speed Sensor

    Having as given your schematic diagram I would suggest you to think throughly to secure abslolutely foolproof level of safety for the project. As truck has to move slowly under uploading I think simple mechanicaly driven switches (as Envoroman suggested) look as quite good and reliable decision. At...

  • Re: logic -control narrative

    Logic is a command given in the control circuit. Depending on how the program is written it will create an output to turn something on or off depending on your inputs. Think of a fire alarm. All inputs are normal and as programmed until a fire starts and one of your sensors gets too hot. It imm...

  • Re: when can I called a cable to be a power cable

    I agree to the comments provided by others, but here is some additional information: Cables are identified by three categories in this context: Power cable, Control cable and Instrument cable. These categories are based on what the cables are carrying. Power cable: These are the cables who...

  • Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1998, Automatic Shutdown Device

    Thanks for the info. I had already replaced both of these sensors and the relay. Now the problem is getting worse. I don't know if this is related, but now the gage cluster turns off while driving. All the dials turn off. No tac, no speed, no oil, no amp, no gas, no oil but have dash lights and turn...

News about Light Sensor Schematic
  • ON Semiconductor CCD Image Sensor Delivers Enhanced Performance for Intelligent Traffic, Surveillance, Medical Imaging and Industrial Inspection

    PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), driving energy efficient innovations, is enhancing the charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensor portfolio recently acquired from Truesense Imaging with new technology that improves imaging performance for industrial applications. The new KAI-08051 Image Sensor provides improved light sensitivity, reduced read noise, and improved color accuracy compared to the previous generation device, expanding opportunities for 8 megapixel image capt

  • Enlightening cancer cells with optogenetics

    The first application of optogenetics to cancer research has been conducted on engineered cell surface receptors activated by light, researchers report. Small algal protein domains serve as synthetic light sensors in human cells.

  • Larson Electronics Releases 1.8KW Solar Powered Light Tower Equipped with Four 160 Watt LED Lights

    KEMP, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Larson Electronics releases a Solar Powered Generator with a Pneumatic Light Mast equipped with four 160 watt LED light heads and a motion sensor.

  • Alta Devices to Describe Why Solar isn't Just for Sunlight Anymore

    What: Alta Devices ( will describe how its AnyLight™ technology can power sensors for a variety of applications using indoor light. This is a result of Alta’s unique technology that not only holds a world-record for efficiency at 28.8%, but also captures substantial energy under extremely dim indoor lighting conditions. Where: Sensors Expo, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, Il. When: June 24-26, 2014 in Rosemont, Il. Booth #927. Special presentation on using this technology for autonomous sensors, June 25, 2014 from 3:30-4:10 pm. Why: Big data starts with small sensors. By 2020, there will be over 25 billion devices connected via the internet. Since many of these will be unplugged from a fixed power source, providing power will be a fundamental concern. Alta Devices will discuss this issue and how its technology can provide power by converting energy from ambient light. This has the potential to address a critical need for sensors in home, building, and factory automation as well as the internet of things and wearable devices. About Alta Devices Alta Devices is (EM)POWERING THE UNPLUGGED WORLD™ by delivering the world’s most efficient, thin and flexible mobile power technology. By converting light of any kind into electricity, Alta Device’s AnyLight™ power technology extends the energy source of a system, and in many cases, completely cuts the traditional power cord. The solution can be completely integrated into the final system, and is ideal for use in unmanned systems, consumer electronics, sensors, automotive, remote exploration, or anywhere size, weight, and mobility matter. Alta Devices holds world records for energy conversion efficiency and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information, visit

  • Smarter Sensor Hub Tops Off Android

    PNI Sensor Corp. supports all 4.4 KitKat sensor functions for latest Android operating system.

Product Announcements for Light Sensor Schematic
PREMA Semiconductor GmbH
Ambient Light Sensor

PR5001 is a dual-element Si photodiode molded into a very small plastic leadless optical package.     The photo diodes offer a good symmetry,low dark current and high sensitivity. The spectral sensitivity starts at 400nm and ranges to the near infrared at 1050nm. An ambient light sensor for automotive applications has been realised in the same package. A monolithically integrated amplifier and voltageto-current converter allows to use a two-wire interface.

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC
Ambient Light Sensor ICs for LCD Display

ROHM ambient light sensor (ALS) ICs (BH16xx analog/BH17xx digital) are designed to control the brightness of LED-backlit LCD displays based on ambient light for optimum visibility and energy efficiency.  These compact ALS ICs are the ideal choice for LCD-equipped portable devices as well as LCD monitors and high-defenition (HDTV) backlight control. Key Features include: Higher light-sensing accuracy ( ±15% compared to competitive devices that range from ±30% to ±55%...

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC
Ambient Light Sensor ICs for LCD Backlighting

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - March 31, 2009 - ROHM Semiconductor today announces a new family of analog and digital Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) ICs for the efficient control of LED backlighting for LCD-equipped devices. Featuring ROHM's proprietary trimming process and use of multiple photodiodes with different junction depths, the ALS ICs provide an accurate output with little variation between various light sources. The spectral response of ROHM ALS ICs has been tailored to closely match...

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  • DM163029

    includes; sensor; humans; inputs; device; motors; driver; come; nines; examples; project; connections; diagram; wires; jumper; schematic; feature;