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  • LightKeeper Automotive Lighting Control Module

    This Application Note describes an automotive exterior lighting control module using a PIC16C433. This unit also communicates over a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) bus as a slave controller. The non-networked functions are similar to General Motors? Twilight Sentinel (R) . Networked functions

  • Lighting Control via Pulse Width Modulation (.pdf)

    using a higher-then-nominal voltage whereas the average drive current does not exceeded its nominal value. ./08e3e85a-ed6b-41ee-89f6-1d4cd4526d23 Technical Info. LED Arrays and “Boost Mode”. Lighting Control via Pulse Width Modulation. In industrial image processing and machine. vision

  • Enabling Simple, Interoperable Wireless Lighting Control

    With the latest advances in color LED technology, the possibilities for choosing and modifying ambient lighting in the home are greater than ever before. Wireless networking further enables new possibilities for lighting control by making it easier and more cost-effective to retrofit modern

  • Intelligent LED lighting control with the ultra-low-power MSP430F51x2 microcontrollers

    Lighting accounts for about 2,200 terawatt. hours (TWh) per year - almost. one-fifth of total worldwide energy consumption. This number will grow by 80%. unless the world adopts more energy efficient. technologies and policies [according. to the International Energy Agency. per Pike Research

  • Bringing Intelligence to LED Lighting Applications

    architectures. For applications. that need advanced functionality, using a. microcontroller enables many intelligent features. such as native dimming control, specialized color. mixing, adaptive lighting control and even remote. connectivity. Specialized power electronics. microcontrollers can even further

  • Case Study - Light Butler: An Integrated Lighting System

    While working on a home lighting project, Alan Butler found a need for a lighting control device that combined a digital timer, motion detector, photo sensor and dimmer in one compact package. Searching the shelves of some large home centers in Alpharetta with no success, he discussed his lighting

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  • Re: IGBT Dimming ??

    IGBT or FET based dimming has been around for quite a while. Unlike the posted schematic the circuit is usually realized by using 2 devices arranged in anti-series. The main reason to use this over conventional triac dimming is for capacitive loads such as electronic low-voltage lighting were reve...

  • Re: Stepper Motor Rotation Using Pic 16f877

    Solar energy is rapidly advancing as an important means ofrenewable energy resource. More energy is produced by trackingthe solar panel to remain aligned to the sun at a right angle to therays of light. This paper describes in detail the design andconstruction of a prototype for solar tracking syste...

  • Re: Possible Bad Alternator

    The voltage spikes can occur at any time while you have the battery disconnected with the vehicle running, and could damage the powertrain control module. The pcm controls the field of the alternator by means of the small green wire connected to the alternator by grounding to energize the field. If...

  • Re: Microchips for LED Lighting

    Hello Urbain, Once I realized there was a schematic on your original file, I was able to view it with NeoOffice. Given the inefficient design you were provided, I would be inclined to start over with a switching-type circuit. That would be Part One of the project. The price you were qu...

  • replace potentiometer with audio signal

    hi. I'm working on another laser light show project. This time I'm going to use a PIC18F1320 microcontroller (never used a microcontroller before)! I'm fallowing an instructable on this build, but i want to change the schematic some, the creator has a set of 3 potentiometers that control the a...

  • Re: camry 99 My back up lights do not work when i turn on my head lights

    From your problem description, my understanding is that the backup lights work just fine as long as the headlights are off but the instant you turn them on the backup lights go out. And if you turn the headlights off, the backup lights pop back on (assuming you're in reverse). I'm not sure if this...

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  • LG Smart Lamp: Lighting, Meet Smartphones

    Control lighting with your smartphone for security and energy-saving purposes.

  • Schematic guidelines for MMPF0200 power mgmt IC

    Here are the guidelines for schematic entry using the MMPF0200.

  • Light-activated neurons from stem cells restore function to paralyzed muscles

    A new way to artificially control muscles using light, with the potential to restore function to muscles paralyzed by conditions such as motor neuron disease and spinal cord injury, has been developed by scientists. The technique involves transplanting specially-designed motor neurons created from stem cells into injured nerve branches. These motor neurons are designed to react to pulses of blue light, allowing scientists to fine-tune muscle control by adjusting the intensity, duration and frequency of the light pulses.

  • Controls Engineer

    Our client is a designer and manufacturer of special purpose machinery. Due to accelerated growth, our client is now looking to recruit a senior control engineer (Siemens PLC, mostly), responsible for client site planning and installation. Applications are invited from skilled control engineers who will hold responsibility for electrical design and control software on a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic machines. This position involves a wide range of skills including, Electrical circuit design, Variable speed and servo drives, PLC''s (Siemens and AB), and HMI''s. Candidates should note that there is a considerable amount of software content and the requirement is ...

  • Switching brain cells with less light

    Networked nerve cells are the control center of organisms. In a nematode, 300 nerve cells are sufficient to initiate complex behavior. To understand the properties of the networks, researchers switch cells on and off with light and observe the resulting behavior of the organism. Scientists now present a protein that facilitates the control of nerve cells by light. It might be used as a basis of studies of diseases of the nervous system.

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Lighting Control Relays

Panasonic relays have become an industry standard in the North America and are used in over 30 different lighting and control systems. With it's unique and robust design the Panasonic relay has stood the test of time.   And now the Panasonic single-pole lighting control relay carries the UL Electronic Ballast Rating, ensuring confidence that our relay will perform for all ballast types. With energy savings in mind, each relay is mechanically latching requiring minimal energy to change...

Unique Solutions in LED Lighting Control

Historical Light-Art Concert. 170 balloons have been illuminated with RGB light. The control was achieved via DMX. The installed light control added up to about 6 KW at full conduction. MAZeT provided the entire lighting technology for the project and developed a specialized RGB-LEG light regulation system, which was used to achieve interchangeable, identical color and brightness values for all balloons (Diameter: 0.6 m to 2.5 m). RGB sensors. Watch the MAZeT Corporate Video. MAZeT GmbH...

Precise Control of LED Colors for Lighting

Free JENCOLOR Webinar: Precise control of LED colors for lighting design  . Modern LED technologies are taking over as general lighting source in various fields. Unfortunately, the world of LED lighting is not entirely straight forward. High quality and colored LED lights require an intelligent activation and/or control system. This presentation by MAZeT demonstrates how technological problems of mixed LED systems can be solved by sensors with feedback control, how color difference issues...

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  • DM163029

    Mechatronics refers to implementing intelligent control in a mechanical system.