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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
AL6-NMNFBW-9 Heilind Electronics, Inc. L-COM Circuit & System Protection LP,N-MALE TO N-FEMALE 0-6 GHZ LIGHTNING PROTECTORS
ALS-CAT6HPW Allied Electronics, Inc. L-COM Not Provided Compact Weatherproof 10/100/1000 Base-T CAT6 Hi-Power Lightning Protector - RJ45
6GK57982LP102AA6 Allied Electronics, Inc. SIEMENS Not Provided IWLAN LIGHTNING PROTECTOR LP 798-2N
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  • Selecting Coaxial Lightning Protectors (.pdf)
    , protection. capability and configuration. Microsoft Word - Selecting a Coaxial Protector. Selecting Coaxial Lightning Protectors. By George M. Kauffman, PE. Coaxial cables are often used for high frequency signal transmission in situations that significantly increase the risk of. lightning energy
  • Using Commercial Lightning Protectors in Defense Applications (.pdf)
    past model. The drawback of multiple-stage protec-. the protector (although the vast majority of tors is that they are unidirectional: they accept. the transient energy and voltage is eliminated). transients from one side only. Bi-directional. Figure 6 displays COTS GDT lightning protectors are usually
  • Lightning Protector Surge Current Ratings
  • Lightning and Surge Protectors Tutorial
    . They are used to prevent damage to valuable electronic equipment from these high-voltage surges and spikes. How are Lightning and Surge Protectors used?. A lightning and surge protector is used inline between devices such as antennas and amplifiers and radios or between connections on Ethernet switches
  • How To Assemble and Install A HyperLink Brand Grid Antenna
    Products referenced in this video tip include 5.8 GHz Antennas, 2.4 GHz Antennas, and Coaxial Lightning Protectors/Arrestors. How to Assemble and Install a HyperLink Grid Antenna Video | Cart is Empty. Home. Request Catalog. Custom Cables. Product Wizards. Technical Resources. Contact Us
  • Optimized Lightning Protection for Higher Frequencies (.pdf)
    . Figure 1. 8 x 20 µs unity impulse frequency domain. band (above 4.5 GHz). This separation. 2 INTERFERENCE TECHNOLOGY. EMC DIRECTORY & DESIGN GUIDE 2006. K AUFFMAN. LIGHTNING & TRANSIENTS. suggests how a bandpass type protector. can provide good protection. The most. popular bandpass protectors utilize
  • Coaxial Lightning Protection for High Power Applications (.pdf)
    High RF power and lengthy antennas are critical ingredients for long range radio communication links. Exposure to lightning activity will impact these systems, depending upon site location and operational duration. This article will address some of the key parameters in designing and planning
  • NexTek Coaxial Surge Arrestor Mounting and Grounding Guide
    Coaxial Surge Protectors provide reliable protection from high voltage surged in coaxial lines. These protectors provide long life protection and are critical component for high reliability and uptime. communication systems. The source of surges usually includes lightning, power line faults

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