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  • Advantages of Diesel Air-Cooled Used Generators
    and navigational buoys and lighthouses or telecommunications equipment use air-cooled diesel generators. Response teams working in disaster areas typically use lightweight portable air-cooled diesel generators. Fire, flood, avalanche or earthquake areas are often times full of debris and dirt which can clog
  • Medical Device Link .
    received a silver award for a small lightweight system that cures a solvent-free UV adhesive in seconds. The company, which has a branch located in Frankfurt, Germany, is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of UV-curable industrial, electronic, and medical adhesives and curing systems. For more
  • Medical Device Link .
    surfaces are stainless steel or high-density plastic. S-Y-M Products Co., Litchfield, CT. Custom electroforms. Custom electroforms are very precise, thin-walled lightweight precision components that can be made as small as 0.020 in. in diameter with walls as thin as 0.0005
  • Choosing Manifolds For Mould Cooling
    for water manifolds on most mould cooling applications. They are lightweight and are easily customized. They have high burst pressures and low true cost of ownership. Moulders are on a continuous quest to enjoy the real benefits of shorter cycle times and increased overall efficiency
  • 10 Tips for Trouble-free Refrigerant Recovery
    measure-. job done correctly? Bacharach has the equipment you need. ments – even complete com-. bustion analyzer measure-. THE STINGER™ – PROFESSIONAL. ments such as differential. REFRIGERANT RECOVERY SYSTEM. pressure and draft, as well as combustion efficiency, CO2 and excess. Small and lightweight
  • Keeping Welders Cool
    (SARs), Arc One. needed a lightweight personal air conditioner. (PAC). ArcOne’s design for an air-cooled helmet involves high pressure compressed air entering a PAC. where it is converted into a low pressure cold air stream which cools the worker and also a. low pressure hot air stream which
  • ShotMeter Particle Velocity Sensor
    with Progressive’s process control and integrated monitoring system (PRIMS). Both configurations provide the user with adjustable setpoints and alarms for shot velocity and relative flow readings (Figure 6). The portable unit’s sensing head is very lightweight and easy to position using the camera style tripod
  • ARMEX (R) Process Blasts Navy Munitions
    vessel and hoses fed through a bulkhead in the booth sidewall. To prevent lead exposure, operators are required to wear Tyvek (R) coveralls and a lightweight blast hood with supplied breathing air. Results/Benefits Summary: TThe Navy is pleased with a combination of improvements comprised