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  • Frost & Sullivan Recognizes ResMed for Product Quality Leadership Award in the Sleep Therapy Market
    Its lightweight and compact design with high-tech sound baffling system make it eminently portable .
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  • Shopping In Studio Monitors - Big Bruin
    ...ferrofluid cooled tweeter -> Optimized Waveguide for wide, even sweet zone -> Twin FR Series amps - 150W for LF / 100W for HF -> Cast aluminum Zero Edge Baffle minimizes diffraction -> Full... ...pm3 certified for surround sound applications -> Perfect for... Mackie Thump TH-15A The MACKIE TH-15A delivers deep low-end and real power in a lightweight design that is extremely portable .
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  • Shopping In Studio Monitors - Big Bruin
    ...Ear Headphones Over-Ear Professional Stereo Monitor Headphones General Features:Over-ear Professional Stereo Monitor HeadphonesOver-ear DesignLarge 40mm Speaker Driver Produces Amazingly Clear SoundClear, Rich And Precise Sound Signature For Natural Warmth... ...ResponseTwo Removable Cables For Portable And Studio UseTangle-free... ...great set of headphones for listening to music on the go too - the lightweight design makes them... The front baffle features two motorized knobs that let you tailor input level and crossover frequency settings...
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  • Colorado State University Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2002
    ...good vibration damping to help prevent propagating frequencies while the aluminum provides a strong and lightweight structure. ...also been reduced by the use of an intake silencer, which is a combination baffle /absorption silencer. Factory specifications from EAR Specialty Composites of sound transmission loss as a function of frequency of this... ...analyzer, a Nicolet “Magna�? Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR), and a Vetronix PXA-1100 portable emissions analyzer.

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