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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
GLLA06A2B Allied Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL MICROSWITCH Not Provided Switch; Limit; Side Rotary; Adjust Length W/Metal Roller; 2NC; 1/2 NPT Conduit
D4N1A2G Allied Electronics, Inc. OMRON INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION Not Provided Switch limit safety roller lever adjust
D4B-0006N Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Switches SWITCH LIMIT ADJUST ROLLER LEVER
D4C1221 Allied Electronics, Inc. OMRON INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION Not Provided Switch limit metal compact lever adjust
D4B-1117N Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Switches SWITCH LIMIT ADJUST ROD LEVER
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  • Prevent Arc Flash Hazard - Taking the Current out of Current Switches
    have made efforts to streamline. the installation process by developing switches that minimize or. eliminate the need to adjust the current switch on a live circuit. These. current switches allow the installer to adjust the switch to the proper. set point and complete the installation on a cold circuit
  • What is the Correct Charging Voltage?
    The value of both float and equalize/boost/high rate voltages is determined by the battery manufacturer, and depends on the chemistry and construction of the battery. Deviating from the recommended values, except where needed to adjust for temperature, will under or overcharge the battery - both
  • NTC Thermistor Application Guide
    Circuits including a capacitor, filament for a bulb, inverter for fluorescent lamp, a heater and etc., induce an inrush current more than 100 times the normal current when the circuit switch is turned on. The NTC thermistors specially developed for this application limit the current at turn-on
  • Sensing Air Flow with the PIC16C781
    to the voltage at R6. ment across a heated resistor. The circuit schematic is. shown in Figure 1. R5 and R7 are thin film platinum. The DAC output is used to adjust the equilibrium point. Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD). These are. in still air by varying the bias on R7. At high bias levels
  • Virtual Sensors for Advanced Pharmaceutical Process Control
    limit switches (PLS) let them connect with enterprise systems. To risk-averse pharmaceutical companies, virtual sensors might appear to be a radical technology, but they have already proven their worth in other industries. The following examples from the mining, automotive and cement making industries
  • FAQ about Shepard Niles Hoists (.pdf)
    to as L-10 life.). Question: What type of limit switch is furnished on a Shepard Niles hoist?. Answer: The Standard limit switch is a pilot type upper limit switch used to control the maximum upward. travel of the block. Question: Are other types of limit switches available?. Answer: An optional two
  • The Future of PCIe in the Industrial Sector
    using a jumper block or DIP switch. Instead, you can now use a simple software utility to make the same adjustments. The absence of a manual switch also makes these new PCIe boards more user-friendly and easier to maintain as the design eliminates the need to open the computer chassis to adjust
  • Active Beam Stabilization Between Optical Tables
    for the user to. vibration isolated SMART optical tables. In this particular. stack two 433 stages along the beam path, which may. application the distance between the FSM’s is 3250 mm. limit the minimum beam height. ( > ten feet) and the distance from FSM 2 to the. A similar option exists

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