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  • Bouncing off of a Limit Switch (.pdf)
    When using a pulse type switch with the HM command, the motor will always begin motion in the same direction, irrespective of the position of the motor. One method forusing a pulse type or momentary home switch is to implement a routine to "bounce off"of the limit switches. In this method
  • Impacts of Shock and Vibration on a Limit Switch
    Industrial limit switches are very popular in sensing and control applications. Limit. switches are used to detect presence or absence in areas where physical contact. is allowed. Upon sensing an object, the switch actuator operates and the normally. open or closed electrical contacts inside
  • Limit Switch Application Notes (.pdf)
    is a drilling machine, for instance, the software dictates where the holes are to be drilled, what size, etc. and the machine takes care of the process. For reasons of safety and reliability, these machines can require the use of limit switches to act in a monitoring role. The correct selection
  • Linear Actuator Control: Using An External Limit Switch
    This article is the first part of our "Linear Actuator Control" series. We will be discussing everything from the most basic control methods that utilize limit switches to accomplishing sequential control with the use of relays.
  • Limit Switches: Inductive Multiple Limit Switch
  • Limit Switches: Inductive Single Limit Switch
  • Gate Turn-Off Switch
    A gate turn-off switch, also known as a gate-controlled switch (GCS) or gate turn-off thyristor (GTO), is similar to an SCR but can be turned off by a negative signal on the gate terminal. GTOs generally handle much lower currents than SCRs. GTOs have many characteristics of SCRs and transistors
  • Wired 8.09: Bright Switch
    A tiny crystal full of holes is about to smash the electronic speed limit, and in the coming photonics era, superfast optical networking is only the beginning. Deep in a Peruvian rain forest, a morpho butterfly rests in a beam of sunlight, its 3-inch wings fully spread and glowing an impossible

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