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Parts by Number for Line Strainer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
4358 PLC Radwell Carrier Not Provided IN-LINE STRAINER
4358 PLC Radwell United Technologies Not Provided IN-LINE STRAINER
192306300 PLC Radwell George Fischer Valves, Pressure Relief Valve LINE STRAINER TRANSLUCENT 1/2INCH
192301300 PLC Radwell Gf Signet Valves, Pressure Relief Valve STRAINER LINE TRANSLUCENT 1/2INCH
192306300 PLC Radwell Gf Signet Valves, Pressure Relief Valve LINE STRAINER TRANSLUCENT 1/2INCH
192301300 PLC Radwell George Fischer Valves, Pressure Relief Valve STRAINER LINE TRANSLUCENT 1/2INCH
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  • Y-Strainer or Basket Strainer?
    is the flow rate. Any flow rate over 150 GPM will most likely require a basket strainer because of pressure drop considerations. Strainers are usually sized so that their start up pressure drop is no greater than 2 PSI, with a line velocity not to exceed 8 FPS. On a per size basis, basket strainers
  • Customized SaniClean TM Sanitary Strainer Accommodates Greatly Increased Line Pressures for Major Cheese Processor (.doc)
    A major food processor recently wished to increase production on its processed cheese production line. The company needed to increase the operating pressure in the processing pipeline, which in turn would increase the output, without the major expense of adding another production line. When
  • System Adjusts Juice for Greatest Palatability and Marketability at Lowest Cost (.doc)
    , is one old-line company that has successfully kept up with the times. Adding space age materials and techniques to their years of experienced in solving every kind of filtration problem, NWC continues to fill the needs of modern technology.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Filters
    The typical hydraulic system is cleaned by a single filter in the circuit. Often this filter is located on the inlet line in front of the pump, to protect the pump and downstream components; so used, it is occasionally called a "suction filter " or "suction strainer. " Many pump manufacturers
  • Medical Device Link .
    Composed of a material that is compatible with specialty pharmaceuticals, an in-line IV filter can be used for up to 96 hours for the retention of particulates and microorganisms. The IV Express is a vented 0.22-mm filter that is suited for use with antibiotic solutions or in situations where
  • Condition Monitoring of Steam Turbines by Performance Analysis
    the occurrence of such shaft rubbing and other conditions of the rotor line, but cannot detect the extent of internal wear or deposition. It is well suited for other quite different failure modes, such as when blades or parts of them come off and cause consequential damage. As with the application of all
  • How to Select a Hayward Pressure Regulator
    the Cv is 5.5 (the intersection of the 30 psi line on the chart and the 1" valve line). The Cv is on the bottom horizontal scale. Now divide the required flow rate, 10 gpm, by the Cv of 5.5. The result is 1.81. Multiply this number by itself (1.81 X 1.81) and you'll get 3.27. This is the pressure
  • Hospital Discovers Cure for Chronically Dirty Cooling Towers (.pdf)
    been taken off line and is currently being used as a mixing tank. for chemicals. “The sand filters weren’t catching any of the sand or debris. We could tell immediately that. the LAKOS unit was maintaining water quality 100% better than the sand filter,” said Smith, who estimates. that they spend one