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  • Popular Marine Engine Manufacturer Uses MTI Capacitive Sensors to Precisely Measure Engine Oil Film Thickness
    characteristics along with the ability to obtain dynamic measurement data as the piston ring passes the sensor face. Application Notes: Non-contact Measurement Sensors, Solutions and Systems - MTI Instruments.   . Popular Marine Engine Manufacturer uses MTII Capacitive Sensors to Precisely Measure Engine Oil
  • Finding the right sensor for linear displacement
    on the physical attributes as they relate to installation. And researchers probably choose sensors based on technical performance. The most frequently used electromechanical linear position and displacement sensors can be divided into six basic technologies: resistive, capacitive, inductive, magnetic, time
  • AN111 Current Modules Measure Power Factor
    component of a given load is responsible for. voltage-current relationship, which depends on both the. useful work and is RL*IRL2 . Loads containing either. AC excitation’s amplitude and time rate of change (i.e. inductive or capacitive reactive components (PF <1), have. derivative wrt time
  • A 5 GHz 0.95 dB NF Highly Linear Cascode Floating-Body LNA in 180 nm Floating-Body LNA in 180 nm
    AND WIRELESS COMPONENTS LETTERS, VOL. 22, NO. 4, APRIL 2012. A 5 GHz 0.95 dB NF Highly Linear Cascode. Floating-Body LNA in 180 nm. SOI CMOS Technology. Anuj Madan, Member, IEEE, Michael J. McPartlin, Member, IEEE, Christophe Masse, William Vaillancourt, and. John D. Cressler, Fellow, IEEE. Abstract—A 5 GHz
  • Capacitance Sensing Made Easy (.pdf)
    . refers to the ability of the surfaces to hold a charge. In a typical. capacitive sensor system the probe is one of the plates and the target being measured is the other plate. If a constant current. is applied to a capacitive probe the capacitance change can be monitored as a linear voltage charge
  • AN-0200 - OC100HG Push-Pull Driver in Pockels Cells Switching Methods
    The OC100HG push-pull configuration is useful for driving strictly capacitive loads or very. high resistive impedance loads. Low capacitance loads can be driven at relatively high. speeds, while large capacitance loads can be slowly charged to a desired voltage. Microsoft Word - OC100HG Push-Pull
  • AN1106, Power Factor Correction in Power Conversion Applications Using the dsPIC (R) DSC
    source with sine wave input and customer needs capacitive filtering. The current drawn is discontinuous * Simpler integration with other applications and of short duration irrespective of the load connected to the system. SIGNIFICANCE OF POWER FACTOR Since many applications demand a DC voltage source
  • Humidity sensors
    change. Many of the techniques used in semi-conductor manufacturing give capacitive RH sensors minimal long-term drift and hysteresis. The thin-film devices may include signal-conditioning circuits on the substrate to produce near-linear output voltages for humidity measurement. Resistive RH sensors

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