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  • 4 Keys to Maximizing Digital Imaging Capture (.pdf)
    be kept in mind when choosing a line. the overall image, at a much faster frame rate. scan camera. Overall, CMOS sensor technology has several advantages over. High sensitivity line scan cameras should be chosen for applications. CCD technology, but, to date, the factor limiting wide acceptance
  • Color Machine Vision Goes Beyond the Visible
    a combination of special driver electronics and advanced Optics. ". Uniformity is important for the hot application of LCD flat panel inspection. Using linear cameras and LED lights that can stretch up to 5 meters and beyond, LCD flat panel inspection demands high uniformity across the full length
  • Four Keys to Maximixing Digital Image Capture
    line scan cameras employ a linear array, much higher. While CMOS sensors typically do not have the same low noise. resolutions and image sizes become economically possible. For. characteristics that CCD sensors do, their signal-to-noise ratio is. example, area scan cameras with resolutions of 4K
  • Digitization
    Digitization, also referred to as analog to digital conversion, is the process by which charge from the CCD is translated into a binary form used by the computer. The term binary refers to the base 2 number system used. A 12 bit camera system will output 2 raised to the 12th power or 4096 levels
  • Medical Device Link .
    laser desktop micromachining workstation has an optional high-resolution CCD camera, frame grabber, and software. Machine vision can concurrently check critical dimensions, look for contamination, and pass or fail parts. The workstation features linear motors on air bearings, a 9 x 12-in. cutting
  • Future Outlook For The Photonics Industry
    of imaging solutions designed for those applications subsequently increases. Because of this growth and development, the photonics marketplace has become packed with CCD and CMOS camera offerings that are readily available for practically any application from various manufacturers. Camera options
  • Fast Windowing
    the cam-. ments could not be solved by. era to the grabber, however. using a system of one single. to control the camera a small. camera plus one frame-. bandwidth interface analo-. grabber. The limiting factors. gous to RS-232 is used. lie in the conventional CCD. technology and the grabbing. tools
  • Medical Device Link . More of the Best Products and Services of the Year
    on a 1-MHz ISA-bus analogue-to-digital conversion card installs directly into a PC, providing a complete spectrometry system without taking up any benchtop space. Incorporating a 2048-element CCD linear array detector, the unit covers the 200 1100-nm range. Up to seven slave channels can

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