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Parts by Number for Linear Coil Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
COIL LINEAR MOD 14-99822-9LZ 8UH 4A/-6A DYNA National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
129415-024 Allied Electronics, Inc. JOHNSON ELECTRIC Not Provided Solenoid, 5 EC Linear, Push or Pull, Continuous, Coil Voltage 9V
123421-033 Allied Electronics, Inc. JOHNSON ELECTRIC Not Provided Solenoid, 1 EC Linear, Push or Pull, Continuous, Coil Voltage 12.7V
123423-030 Allied Electronics, Inc. JOHNSON ELECTRIC Not Provided Solenoid, 3 EC Linear, Push or Pull, Continuous, Coil Voltage 13.2V
SKC-103 Digi-Key Tamura Inductors, Coils, Chokes INDUCTOR LINEAR 100UH @ 1KHZ
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  • RFID Coil Design
    In a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) application, an antenna coil is needed for two main reasons: To transmit the RF carrier signal to power up the tag To receive data signals from the tag An RF signal can be radiated effectively if the linear dimension of the antenna is comparable
  • Linear Motor Basics
    this does exist! It is the Brushless linear motor. The Linear Motor Concept: The idea is simple enough. Take a conventional rotary servo motor and unwrap it. So now what was the stator is now a forcer and the rotor becomes a coil or magnet rail. With this design, the load is connected directly
  • Voice Coil Motors
    . News. Contact. products / voice coil. The VM series of Voice Coils Motors addresses applications where excellent control characteristics for short stroke bidirectional linear actuation is required, e.g. in medical or optical equipment. Voice Coil Actuators can develop force in either direction
  • Linear Motor Engineering Guide (.pdf)
    manufactures 3 styles. of linear motors – ironless, ironcore, and an interesting variant known as. the “slotless” design. Linear motors are either offered as individual components or complete. systems. Components, or “kits” (Fig. 3), consist of a motor coil and separate. magnet rail. The coil assembly
  • Linear Variable Differential Transformer Technology
    Differential transformers are electromagnetic devices for translating the displacement of a magnetic armature into an AC voltage, which is a linear function of the displacement. They are basically composed of primary and secondary coils wound on an air core and a movable armature is used to control
  • Using Linear Shaft Motors in Parallel
    linear motor is that the design of the Linear Shaft Motor with the magnet in the center makes the air gap non-critical. The coil completely surrounds the magnet, so force is the net effect of the magnetic field. Any force variation that would have been caused due to air gap differences
  • Kimco Application Guide for Voice Coil Actuators (.pdf)
    Voice Coil (VC) Actuators are direct-drive, hysteresis-free devices used for providing highly accurate linear or rotary motion. By virtue of their high acceleration and the absence of commuta-. tion, voice coil actuators offer numerous advantages in such applications as medical, semiconductor
  • Straighten up and go linear
    are key design targets. Two basic types of linear motors are iron core and ironless. Iron core motors provide higher forces for their size, but exhibit large force variations due to the magnetic attraction between the coil and magnet track. They also require heavy bearing systems to withstand

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