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  • Voice Coil Motors
    Voice coil motors offer excellent control characteristics where linear actuation is required over short distances with electronic control systems. Comparison of the force characteristics vs displacement, and vs current, for voice coil devices and solenoid actuators shows the difference between
  • RFID Coil Design
    In a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) application, an antenna coil is needed for two main reasons: To transmit the RF carrier signal to power up the tag To receive data signals from the tag An RF signal can be radiated effectively if the linear dimension of the antenna is comparable
  • Kimco Application Guide for Voice Coil Actuators (.pdf)
    Voice Coil (VC) Actuators are direct-drive, hysteresis-free devices used for providing highly accurate linear or rotary motion. By virtue of their high acceleration and the absence of commuta-. tion, voice coil actuators offer numerous advantages in such applications as medical, semiconductor
  • Voice Coil Actuators: Advanced Magnetic Motion Control
    Voice coils are fundamental electromechanical mechanisms that are used in material handling equipment, gimbals, medical devices, and even interplanetary spacecraft. Each application has used voice coil actuators (VCAs) to supply the precision linear or rotary motion needed for exceptional
  • Straighten up and go linear
    are key design targets. Two basic types of linear motors are iron core and ironless. Iron core motors provide higher forces for their size, but exhibit large force variations due to the magnetic attraction between the coil and magnet track. They also require heavy bearing systems to withstand
  • Medical Device Link .
    Motors and Motion Control Components A series of ironless core, brushless linear motors produce up to 26 lb of peak force and have an overall width of 18 mm. The LEU motors are offered in two heights the LEU-15 measures 15 mm and the LEU-30 is 30 mm. Coil sizes of 35, 65, and 95 mm are available
  • Voice Coils vs. Solenoids: What is the Difference?
    The question of whether to use voice coil actuators or solenoids for small displacement motion control applications comes up often. This article explains the key differences between each product and why you might choose one over the other for your application. A non-commutated DC linear actuator
  • Tolerancing helical springs
    Loosening up specs can boost spring precision. Spring rate remains about linear (Hooke's Law) until gradual coil dampening and loss boost rate. Make free length a reference dimension so spring makers can adjust it as needed to obtain load at a specified height. In my 30 years experience as a spring

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