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  • Encoders for Linear Motors in the Electronics Industry (.pdf)
    The semiconductor industry and automation technology increasingly require more precise and faster machines in order to satisfy growing. demands on miniaturization, quality, and manufacturing cost reduction. Linear motors are gradually becoming more important in such. highly-dynamic applications
  • New Algorithm Thwarts Velocity Disturbances in Motion-Control Schemes
    by factoring in motor behavior when managing velocity feedback. Velocity algorithms and linear quadratic regulators, In a servosystem, velocity disturbances are a manifestation of how the system reacts to outside effects caused by various components. If all system components are perfect
  • Optical Incremental and Absolute Rotary Encoders
    to determine the direction of rotation, specific position during shaft rotation, and resolution of position. Incremental encoders produce a series of pulses to keep track of motion, position, and velocity and are used in applications when knowledge of absolute position upon power loss
  • Linear-Measuring System Saves Space
    application, notes Keller. For simple tasks, indirect systems such as rotary encoders on motors calculate positioning data with sufficient accuracy. Although this method offers clear advantages in velocity-control loops, mechanical errors affect results. Consequently, positioning accuracy is only around 0.1
  • Positioning Components
    . A controller then uses a translation table in memory to relate the code read from the transducer into system position. Absolute encoders are available in both rotary and linear optical types. Tachometers are probably the most widely used velocity transducer.
  • Dc motor impersonators
    brushed, brushless, wound-field, and permanent-magnet varieties. They are widely used simply because it's easier to regulate the operation of dc motors than that of ac motors. This is especially true if the application demands tight control of motor torque, velocity, or position. Within specific
  • Making the move to PC-based motion control
    . In this application, the first three icons configure the velocity and acceleration for the two axes. The next three icons move the axis to the correct position. The remaining icons create the half circle and blend it with the large circle. Not too long ago, programmable logic controllers (PLCs

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