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  • Replacing Linear Encoders with Magnetostrictive Technology
    the performance and reliability. By Matt Hankinson, Ph.D, Technical Market-. needed for dynamic closed loop control. Continuous, precise, posi-. ing Manager of MTS Sensors. tion feedback permits velocity and position-controlled movements. HOW ARE LINEAR ENCODERS CURRENTLY USED?. at a very high or very low
  • Encoders for Linear Motors in the Electronics Industry (.pdf)
    velocity-dependent motor sounds, and. • prevent additional heat generation,. • so allowing the motor to realize its maximum mechanical power rating. The effi ciency of a linear motor is therefore greatly infl uenced by the selection of the position encoder. Encoders with optical scanning. methods provide benefi ts
  • Sizing and Applying Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors
    of the time. delay indicates the location of the position magnet. For example,. at a measured distance of 1 meter with a waveguide velocity of. 2850 m/s, the time delay would be: Figure 2: Basic components of a Magnetostrictive Linear-Position Sensor. 1 meter ÷ 2850 meters/second = 0.35 milliseconds
  • Linear Motor Engineering Guide (.pdf)
    positions over the. magnets. Cogging limits the smoothness of motion systems because. the force generated by the motor must change with position in order to. Fig. 6: Ripped Series Ironcore Linear Motor. maintain a constant velocity. Parker Trilogy has developed a patent-pending Anti-Cog technology
  • Optimized Scanning in Absolute Rotary Encoders
    10351). Two rotary encoder models are already. available for safety-related applications. • ECN 1325 singleturn version. • ECN 1337 multiturn version. More absolute rotary, angular and linear. encoders will follow. 1) Available in 2009. For more information. • Brochure: Encoders for Servo Drives. DR
  • Linear & Rotary Positioning Stages Engineering Guide (.pdf)
    . Roll. Linear. Abbe. Error. 3.3. Controller/Amplifier. Dynamic. 4. Positioning System Analysis ....................................279. Constant. Velocity. 4.1 System. Modeling. Settling. Time. 1.2 Loading. Physical. Model. Schematic. Diagram. Dynamic. Loading. Block. Diagram. Moment. Loading
  • New Algorithm Thwarts Velocity Disturbances in Motion-Control Schemes
    by factoring in motor behavior when managing velocity feedback. Velocity algorithms and linear quadratic regulators, In a servosystem, velocity disturbances are a manifestation of how the system reacts to outside effects caused by various components. If all system components are perfect
  • Important Considerations When Selecting Digital Encoder Outputs (.pdf)
    . rotary encoders are used. Within linear or rotary encoders there are two basic types of electrical output formats;. incremental or absolute. Absolute encoders have a unique digitally coded output or. address for every distinct position of the encoder. Incremental encoders will output a. count

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