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  • Ultrasonic Linear Friction Welding
    In ultrasonic linear friction welding, the work pieces are heated by the ultrasonic vibration or reciprocating linear motion between the surfaces. The work pieces are clamped under moderately high forces between a welding tip and anvil. An ultrasonic transducer is coupled to the welding tip
  • Linear Bushings: Differentiating Uses for Straight and Flanged Types
    . On the section b), the housing mounted linear bushings only receive the reaction forces of the friction from an air cylinder driven shafts. Therefore, a compact design using the Straight Bushings is adopted. Furthermore, the opposing layout of dual shafts against the rotary moments of the θ axis
  • What is Vibration Welding?
    Linear vibration welding physically moves one of two parts horizontally under pressure, creating heat through surface friction that melts and welds the parts together. Compared to ultrasonic welding, vibration welding operates at much lower frequencies, higher amplitudes and much greater clamping
  • Linear Bushings: How to Use Single/Double/Long and Surface Treated Product
    mechanism design. Hints on designing. Linear Motion Components. Locating Technology. Manufacturing technology. Motion mechanism design. Pneumatic Drives. Production Technology. Technology Outlook. #162 Production technology level-up course for machine designers - 15: Spot welding technology
  • Medical Device Link .
    material that is subsequently rolled and welded or mechanically fixed to form a cylinder. A laser stent machine requires a linear displacement axis, a rotary displacement axis, the laser with cutting head and specialised fixtures for supporting the tube material during the cutting process. Most
  • Medical Device Link .
    Heidenhain iTNC530 control system to achieve the speed and control necessary for performing the most complex applications. The machine has fast linear axes and a 30,000-rpm high-frequency spindle, its high dynamics and precision capability making possible high-quality workpiece surface finishes
  • Medical Device Link . The votes are in! Without even knowing it, the regular readers of EMDM have spent the past year selecting the 40 most useful and innovative products and services from hundreds of candidates. Each time they fill out a product inf
    surfaces with characteristics such as lubricity, wettability, haemocompatibility, and antimicrobial properties. Tissue engineering, drug delivery, and biomolecular immobilization are among other applications. A linear actuator that attains push and pull forces of up to 250 N at a resolution of 0.002
  • Low Cost Automation Tutorial: Regarding Moment of Inertia
    with some terms that appear in technical discussions of rotating machine elements such as ballscrews and cams. (1) Moment of inertia. Linear motion:F=mxα vs Rotary motion:T=Ixω '. F:Force. m:Mass α:Acceleration. T:Torque I:Moment of inertia. ω ' :Angular acceleration. It can be understood

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