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Parts by Number for Linear Motor Cylinder Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
NTE1630 RS Electronics NTE Not Provided Semiconductor, linear IC, package:24 DIP, cylinder motor driver for VCR, VCC:14.4V maximum.
NTE1613 RS Electronics NTE Not Provided Semiconductor, linear IC, package:24 DIP, cylinder motor driver control for VCR, VCC:15V.

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  • Cylinders
    Actuators convert fluid energy into useful work. Fluid-power actuators are available in a number of forms to provide specific types of action. Cylinders work through linear extension; motors impart continuous rotary motion to objects; rotary actuators twist an object through only a partial arc
  • Replacing Linear Encoders with Magnetostrictive Technology
    speed. KEY FEATURES OF MAGNETOSTRICTIVE POSITION SENSORS. A linear encoder is a critical part of a motion control system, providing. continuous, linear position feedback to drive the motor position. Linear. Magnetostriction offers several benefits over other technologies to. encoders improve
  • Linear Actuators Help Automate Vehicles For The Disabled
    a grooved cylinder around a grooved shaft. When the grooved cylinder turns around the grooved shaft, it forces the shaft up and down. Thus the name "linear actuator " which means basically, a motor that works in a straight line. Electrical linear actuators are common in vehicle accessibility equipment
  • Straighten up and go linear
    Economical motor sizing for peak loads Linear servomotors from MTS Systems have ironless cores permitting up to 10 Linear servomotors are available in either dual- or single-row magnet configurations, with track lengths as long as 72 in. Until a few years ago, designers looking to power a linear
  • Choosing Between Electromechanical and Fluid Power Linear Actuators in Industrial Systems Design
    actuators driven by an electric motor. The type of actuator used plays a critical role in the machine's performance, initial cost and operating costs. This article will look at the pros and cons of each of the main types of linear actuators with the goal of providing a general guide for their selection
  • Linear actuators get a servo look
    New actuators borrow ideas from linear motors to provide controlled displacement on a budget. Vice President Copley Controls Corp. Canton, Mass. Historically, industry has depended on ball screws, belt drives, and pneumatic mechanisms for automation's positioning tasks. But the rising demand
  • Linear actuator simplifies machine building
    Packaging. Labeling. 360° Package Review. Post jobs free. View jobs. Read More on: Motors > Linear. Feature ArticleA new breed of linear servo motor finds packaging applicationsVideoLinear motor cuts TCO on packaging machinesControls Product BriefLinear motion system Article | August 31
  • Pneumatic linear guides lighten loads
    motors, electromechanical ball-screw or belt drives, and hydraulic cylinders. But designers of automated assembly machines increasingly turn to pneumatic linear guides because they provide a combination of features that enhance overall machine performance. Pneumatic systems require a source

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