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Parts by Number for Linear Motor Cylinder Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
NTE1630 RS Electronics NTE Not Provided Semiconductor, linear IC, package:24 DIP, cylinder motor driver for VCR, VCC:14.4V maximum.
NTE1613 RS Electronics NTE Not Provided Semiconductor, linear IC, package:24 DIP, cylinder motor driver control for VCR, VCC:15V.

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  • Cylinders
    Actuators convert fluid energy into useful work. Fluid-power actuators are available in a number of forms to provide specific types of action. Cylinders work through linear extension; motors impart continuous rotary motion to objects; rotary actuators twist an object through only a partial arc
  • Replacing Linear Encoders with Magnetostrictive Technology
    speed. KEY FEATURES OF MAGNETOSTRICTIVE POSITION SENSORS. A linear encoder is a critical part of a motion control system, providing. continuous, linear position feedback to drive the motor position. Linear. Magnetostriction offers several benefits over other technologies to. encoders improve
  • Linear Actuators Help Automate Vehicles For The Disabled
    a grooved cylinder around a grooved shaft. When the grooved cylinder turns around the grooved shaft, it forces the shaft up and down. Thus the name "linear actuator " which means basically, a motor that works in a straight line. Electrical linear actuators are common in vehicle accessibility equipment
  • Straighten up and go linear
    Economical motor sizing for peak loads Linear servomotors from MTS Systems have ironless cores permitting up to 10 Linear servomotors are available in either dual- or single-row magnet configurations, with track lengths as long as 72 in. Until a few years ago, designers looking to power a linear
  • Linear actuators get a servo look
    New actuators borrow ideas from linear motors to provide controlled displacement on a budget. Vice President Copley Controls Corp. Canton, Mass. Historically, industry has depended on ball screws, belt drives, and pneumatic mechanisms for automation's positioning tasks. But the rising demand
  • Linear actuator simplifies machine building
    Packaging. Labeling. 360° Package Review. Post jobs free. View jobs. Read More on: Motors > Linear. Feature ArticleA new breed of linear servo motor finds packaging applicationsVideoLinear motor cuts TCO on packaging machinesControls Product BriefLinear motion system Article | August 31
  • Pneumatic linear guides lighten loads
    motors, electromechanical ball-screw or belt drives, and hydraulic cylinders. But designers of automated assembly machines increasingly turn to pneumatic linear guides because they provide a combination of features that enhance overall machine performance. Pneumatic systems require a source
  • Designing Motion-Control Systems With Electric Cylinders
    , and PCs. Speed-thrust curves help select a best-fit electric cylinder. Motion-control systems that require linear movement can be built around a variety of different actuators. The most common types fall into linear actuators, linear motors, and precision positioning tables. Linear actuators

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