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Parts by Number for Linear Position Magnetic Sensor Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
91SS16-3 Honeywell Sensing and Control Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensors - Magnetic Sensors - 1st Level Hall-Effect Sensors 91SS Series Hall-Effect Linear Position Sensor; Vdc supply voltage
MLS8 HS Digi-Key Measurement Specialties Inc. Sensors, Transducers SENSOR MAGNETIC 2.5 MM POLEPITCH
MLS7 HS Digi-Key Measurement Specialties Inc. Sensors, Transducers SENSOR MAGNETIC 5 MM POLEPITCH
KMZ49,118 Digi-Key NXP Semiconductors Sensors, Transducers IC MAGNETIC FIELD SENSOR 8SOIC
103SR19A-1 Honeywell Sensing and Control Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensors - Magnetic Sensors - 2nd Level Value-Added Hall-Effect Sensors 103SR Series Linear Hall-Effect Analog Position Sensor with aluminum bushing housing; two hex nuts; 152,4 mm [6 in] lead wires; ratiometric output; and Vdc supply voltage
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  • Sizing and Applying Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors
    temperature, pressure, flow, force, or position, for example. The type of measurement and the sensor technology will dictate the set of parameters which are important in specifying and sizing the appropriate sensor. Linear-position sensors measure absolute distance along a motion axis
  • Magnetic Sensors and Timing Applications
    corresponds to the physical object being monitored. Magnetic sensors such as Hall effect and magnetic pickups are candidates for this job. Each, however, must be evaluated for its ability to satisfy the particular requirements of the application. The four types of sensor discussed in this article
  • Technology and Benefits of Programmable Linear Position Sensors (Based on Inductive Measurement)
    of the. magnetic marker, t is time, w is the frequency of the waveform applied, and H is the. strength of the magnetic field. It represents that the phase of the sum of the magnetic. fields (w t+x) at a distinct measurement point is directly proportional to the linear. position x. The position marker sends
  • Ten Easy Things to Do with Magnetic Sensors
    applications, it is occasionally useful to know exactly where that something is. Linear and rotary position are two quantities that simple magnetic sensors can be constructed to measure. Linear Position. For short distances (on the order of a few hundred mils), the position sensor in Figure 6 can
  • Low-Field Magnetic Sensing with GMR Sensors
    . Magnetic field sensing in industry is often utilized for. Interference Detectors (SQUID) and spin resonance. control and measurement purposes – linear and rotary. magnetometers. A solid-state magnetic sensor. position sensing, gear tooth sensing, and current. directly converts the magnetic field
  • Magnetic Alternative to Optical Encoding
    applications. The magnet target can be in the shape of long strips for use in linear moving applications. For long strip lengths, the magnetic strip or tape can be backed with a special steel backer for dimensional stability. Magnetic material choices are numerous but considerations of magnetic
  • Sensors Reference Guide: One Sensor, Multiple Targets
    magnetostriction as a feedback mechanism. * A single linear sensor monitors 20 positions. * Time to read 20 positions matches that of a single position. * Strokes over 5,000 mm, accuracy of +-20 mm, and resolutions of 1 mm. Magnetostrictive Sensors For Bottle Filling Sensor electronics send out
  • Replacing Linear Encoders with Magnetostrictive Technology
    the years have now increased the overlap in. device. Despite the presence of a strong magnetic field that drives. performance so they now fit into applications that could previously. the linear motor, numerous applications have been implemented with. only use linear encoders. Magnetostrictive sensors

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