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Parts by Number for Linear Potentiometer Servo Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1201R500L.5 Allied Electronics, Inc. BEI SENSORS Not Provided Potentiometer, Wirewound, 500 Ohm, +/-0.5%, 1.25W, Single Turn, Linear, Servo
1201R5K.5 Allied Electronics, Inc. BEI SENSORS Not Provided Potentiometer, Wirewound, 5K Ohm, +/-0.5%, 1.25W, Single Turn, Linear, Servo
1201R100L.5 Allied Electronics, Inc. BEI SENSORS Not Provided Potentiometer, Wirewound, 100 Ohm, +/-0.5%, 1.25W, Single Turn, Linear, Servo
157S103MX Digi-Key Vishay Spectrol Potentiometers, Variable Resistors POT 10K OHM 7/8" RD PLAS SERVO
157S102MX Digi-Key Vishay Spectrol Potentiometers, Variable Resistors POT 1K OHM 7/8" RD PLAS SERVO
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  • Sizing and Applying Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors
    . Potentiometer d. medium. medium. 10mm - 500 mm. medium. a. Higher resolution is better, and means smaller steps as the output changes. Table 2: Comparison of several popular types of linear position sensors. b. Lower non-linearity is better, and means the difference between a straight line and the. output. c
  • Pneumatic Cylinders
    sensors over that of linear potentiometers. In recent years, MTS has supported pneumatic cylinder manufacturers in the development of servopneumatic control solutions. In these types of applications we can provide the right combination of performance and outputs like position and velocity. Unknown
  • AN509 SCM5B43 - DC LVDT Input Module
    alternative to linear potentiometers. The. converting the AC output signal back to DC for input to data acquisition. absence of sliding contacts gives them a long operating life. They are. systems. This required expensive and bulky external AC excitation power,. available in operating temperature ranges up
  • Absolute positioning on a budget
    high-end performance on a small budget. “The belt is not moving far and. it’s not moving fast, but we stil needed high resolution so it had to be absolute. encoders,” says Chicago Electric president Robert Kaska. “It’s not something you. could do with a linear potentiometer or other positioning
  • Digital Current Loops and Direct PWM Control
    that PWM’s on-off. switching control introduces; and for processes that cannot tolerate the electromagnetic noise that. the rapid switching of power transistors introduces. Some users of “sine-cosine” analog encoders. for very high resolution feedback prefer linear amplifiers so they do not have to worry
  • Case Study: Sensors for Conditioning Monitoring High Voltage Switching
    high voltages and very fast movements. Everight Sensors: Case Study. Linear position, rotary (angular) position, and tilt sensors by Everight Position, Positek, Netzer, Gill, Zettlex, and Posital. Home | Positek Sensors | Netzer Precision | Gill Sensors | Zettlex | Posital | Santest | About
  • Medical Device Link .
    electronics designs. Mechanical Actuators. Actuators provide a method of converting a motor's rotary motion into linear motion. Options include leadscrews, ball screws, rack and pinion, or belt/cable/chain drives. Some actuators have backlash and all have finite levels of torsional and axial stiffness
  • Application Note: Troubleshooting Step Motor Operation
    Electromate Industrial Sales. choose a category ------ Steals & Deals ------ Ball & Acme Screw Products Feedback Devices Gear Products HMI's & Operator Displays Linear Bearings & Guideways Motion & Automation Controllers Positioning Systems & Actuators Power Transmission & Mechanical Products Servo

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