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  • Machine Detail - Huron Graffenstaden S.A.S. - MX 12
    With a special structural design (portal and mobile column having linear bearing (recalculating roller type) for less friction, it... ...clamping of large dimensional parts (Ø 1600X1130 mm ) with weight going upto 3 Ton on TRIM (Table with Rotary Integral Motor,250 rpm...
  • Nanoscale Calibration Standards and Methods
    Image size 3 mm and 7 mm Littrow diffraction, argon laser at 487.986... ...photodetector Littrow diffraction, red and green He–Ne laser (METAS traceable), rotary table with air bearings , friction wheel drive and... ...with interferometric long-range linear displacement stage (laser METAS...
  • ZASMHBA0005252
    Section thickness: 6.4­51 mm (¼­2 in.) Overall linear dimension: 1219 mm (48 in.) Maximum boss diameter: 76 mm ( 3 in.) Maximum flat area: 12... ...Section thickness: 3.2­9.5 mm (1/ 8­3/ 8 in.) Overall linear dimension: 205­255 mm (8­10... Valve bodies, pump casings, transmission casings, pintles, plates, rotary cams, pump impellers, bearing housings, crankshafts .
  • Comprehensive review of micro/meso-scale machine tools
    The 5-axis machine tool with travel of 40 mm in the X-, Y- and Z-axis, 180°... ...360° in the C-axis, utilizes brushless AC linear and rotary motors, 20nm resolution optical... ...rotary encoders and air bearing spindle with maximum speed... A micro gear is finished by the 3 -axis machine tool(Figure 10)13 .
  • Rolling Friction in a Micro Tribosystem
    The viscoelastic model was applied to the rolling contacts from the linear microball system used in [1... Ghalichechian et al. [ 3 ] experimentally determined the friction coefficient in an encapsulated rotary microball bearing mechanism using microfabricated silicon and stainless steel microballs of 0.285- mm diameter.
  • Synthesizing two-fingered grippers for positioning and identifying objects
    1—fingers; 2—four pins with ball bearings ; 3 — linear potentiometer; 4—three simple laser beam sensors; 5— rotary potentiometer with built-in restoring spring; 6—arm mounted on the shaft of 5 and contacting the object; 7—stop pin. Install three simple light beam sensors at mm respectively (Fig. 26).
  • PTB radiometry laboratory at the BESSY II electron storage ring
    The newer of the two systems can hold samples up to 250 mm in diameter. A double concentric linear and rotary ball bearing guarantees coincidence of the axes of rotation for the sample and the detector but admitting independent linear and rotary motion with a resolution and reproducibility of 3 im and 0.001°, respectively.
  • Soft x-ray reflectometer for large and complex samples using synchrotron radiation
    The measurement chamber of the new reflectometer consists of a cylindrical tank 700 mm long and 600 mm in diameter and is shown schematically in Fig. 3 . The double con- centric linear and rotary ball bearing guarantees the coincidence of the axes of rotation for sample and detector and enables simultaneous but independent rotations and linear motions of both detector and sample.
  • Ductile regime grinding of glass and other brittle materials by the use of ultrastiff machine tools
    Figs. 10 and 1 1 show one model in the range, a 3 axis CNC aspheric generator of 250 mm diameter capacity. The machine incorporates many features found vital in the development machines previously briefly mentioned: - high loop stiffness provided by a combination of oil hydrostatic bearings (both linear and rotary ) and a bridge type configuration similar to the grinding machine currently in use .
  • Design, qualification, and acceptance of the front-door mechanisms for the OSIRIS experiment of the Rosetta mission
    The cam mechanism (shown in fig.2) transform the rotary motion of the motor, in three sequence of motion: 1) translation of 3 mm , 2) rotation of 90° and translation of -3 mm according to the Z axis. This is obtained thanks to the following items that compose the double cam itself: a) two cams; b) a set of preloaded ball bearings to support the inner cam; c) one peg... ...bearings self lubricated, to drive the shaft during linear motion.
  • High Bandwidth Short Stroke Rotary Fast Tool Servo
    ...rotary inertia of 0.0052 kg-m2 for the moving element of the B-axis (e.g. a non-motorized 4 inch air bearing spindle), a 20 N-m rotary FTS reaction torque produces... ...tool and a 5 mm diameter spherical workpiece. In comparison, without an effective reaction mass between the linear FTS and the B- axis, the 100... Our new high bandwidth rotary fast tool servo is shown in Figure 3 .
    ...of stacked thin-metal weak-link modules are used in the driving mechanism: one acting as a pair of rotary bearings (1) for a planar... ...the other as a linear stage (2) to support a coupling plate ( 3 ) between the picomotor and... ...16 layers of stainless-steel weak-link sheets bonded together with a total thickness of 4  mm .
  • Simple Shear of an Undisturbed Soft Marine Clay in NGI and Torsional Shear Equipment
    These tings are studded with stainless steel needles 3 mm long and 1 mm in diameter in order to facilitate drainage or pore pressure measurement and to develop full friction at the specimen ends. Friction of the loading rod during axial and angular displacement is minimized by incorporation of linear / rotary bearings in the cell bushing housing.
    To the best of the author's knowledge, currently available rotary ultrasonic motors (e.g. the 30 mm O.D. Shinsei USR-30 with a 49 mN-m rated torque and 2000 h life) have not been used for precision positioning. Note however that high precision (5 nm resolution) linear motors are commercially available[B30]. ...point from same direction); however, when the total system is considered (with drivetrain, bearing , load), the positioning... 3 Small direct drive torque motors can be obtained from Inland motors (e.g. 6.6 oz...