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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
VS7253268402 Radwell Barber Colman Not Provided EA81 LINEAR STROKE HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR WITH AV-600-
VS7283268409 Radwell Maco Not Provided EA81 LINEAR STROKE HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR WITH AV-600-
DGP25500PPVAB Radwell Festo Electric Machine Parts, Robotic Parts LINEAR ACTUATOR 10-3000MM STROKE 25MM PISTON
LA11 Radwell Barrington Automation Pneumatics, Pneumatic Actuators LINEAR ACTUATOR 0-1IN STROKE 14LBS FORCE 80PSI
PP2051001 Radwell Wer Industrial Pneumatics, Pneumatic Actuators LINEAR ACTUATOR HAGAN 5INCH STROKE
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  • Linear Actuators - Calculating Stroke Length And Force
    The first step in determining the size of a linear actuator needed to move a specific load requires the user to calculate translational force
  • Straight talk on selecting linear actuators
    New technology in linear actuators, antibacklash techniques, and piezo motors helps designers field high-precision motion equipment. Linear actuators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with variable stroke lengths and a range of load capacities. Depending on type, electromechanical linear
  • Actuators that mimic nature
    A new type of pneumatic linear actuator moves by changing shape under pressure. As compressed air fills Fluidic Muscles from Festo Corp., the muscles contract, bending automotive door frames. Compared to pneumatic cylinders, Fluidic Muscles from Festo Corp., require only one-third
  • Choosing the Best Lead Screw for a Linear Motion Application
    ); = root diameter of screw; and = the distance between nut and load-carrying bearing. For linear actuators, consider two thrust values: peak and continuous. Peak thrust normally lasts just a short period of time, such as during acceleration or deceleration for a high-speed move or when pressing
  • A few guidelines for figuring pneumatic-actuator load requirements
    all produce internal friction. The force loss is typically 1 to 10 psi of theoretical force output of the cylinder, depending on the type of seal. Cylinders with side loads, misalignment, or specialty features have even higher internal friction. Remember that cylinders convert pressure to linear
  • Pulse and Hold Power Management
    Acro Associates' solenoid pinch valves employ a spring-loaded linear actuator to control motion of the pinching surfaces. Most linear solenoid actuators are closing-the-air-gap devices, where the force characteristics vary substantially throughout the stroke. Generally, actuators are designed so
  • Thrust Ratings and Dimensional Data (Metric)
    Shafer L-Series linear actuators are custom engineered to match the specific application requirements of stroke length, thrust, and power pressure. Due to the vast number of combinations offered by valve manufacturers, little standardization is allowed.
  • Getting to know stepper motors
    and amount, are controlled by stepper motors. Electronic pipettes are linear-stroke devices that utilize digital linear actuators to precisely control the amount of fluid being dispensed. The shaft of the actuator is coupled to a pipette fitted with a piston. A microprocessor controls the step rate

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