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  • Desirable characteristics for rotorcraft optical components
    … of progress was attributed to inadequate funding and not enough communication between the suppliers and the system … EVOLUTION OF VMS ELECTRICAL TRANSDUCERS Linear and rotary position are mea- sured with Variable Differential Transformers (VDTs), a technology that was developed over a number of decades and were initially used in non-critical applications.
  • GE Gas Turbines Employ Macro Sensors LVDTs
    Macro Sensors, a sensor manufacturer based in US has been certified to become an approved Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) supplier for GE gas turbines. The LVDTs are used for position measurement on interceptor valves, throttle valves, stop/reheat valves, governor valves and … The LVDT is a standard type of electromechanical transducer capable of converting an object’s rectilinear motion to …
  • Handbook of Noise and Vibration Control Complete Document
    … irregularity will cause a change in probe gap that is not a shaft position change, resulting in … … composition all the way round its surface so that the resistivity does not vary as the shaft … Another commonly used displacement transducer is the linear variable differential transformer (LVDT). … detail on the principles of operation of these devices are available in publications from com- mercial suppliers .
  • An Experimental Device for Material Characterization of Powder Materials
    The calibration of the sen- sors is made by the supplier and also checked during the experiment … … the amplifier and the sensors gives a pressure range during the measurements that varies between 0–218 and … … maximum pressure values, the sensors have a maximum of 0.5% Full Scale Output (FSO) linear deviation. … lost when the powder is compacted so that the upper powder surface is positioned below the top … During the experiments, all displacements are deter- mined using a linear variable differential transformer . The external force transducer measuring the friction force, a Vetek PA6181, had a capacity of 50 kN.
  • Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT) Operation, Handling and Selection
    • Key Suppliers Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT) Operation, Handling and Selection Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs) are linear position /displacement transducers that are exceptionally rugged, frictionless and provide a long cycle life with proper use.
  • SemCor (\
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  • Sensotherm Acquired by Measurement Specialties
    • Supplier Profile … based systems to measure precise ranges of physical characteristics such as pressure, temperature, position , force, vibration, humidity … MEAS uses multiple advanced technologies – piezo-resistive silicon sensors, application-specific integrated circuits, micro-electromechanical systems ("MEMS"), piezoelectric polymers, foil strain gauges, force balance systems, fluid capacitive devices, linear and rotational variable differential transformers , electromagnetic displacement sensors, hygroscopic capacitive sensors, ultrasonic … • Measurement Specialties Introduces Pressure Transducers for Demanding Industrial Applications .
  • On the calculations of the diffusion coefficients of oxygen and nitrogen in niobium
    … nitrogen in niobium have been remeasured using a torsion pendulum equipped with LVDT transducers connected to an … When it is assumed that the oxygen and nitro- gen occupied octahedral positions in the niobium matrix … The supplier 's nitrogen and oxygen concentra- tions were 0,003 at, pct and 0,009 at … The torsion pendulum was a standard KS type with modifications for operation in a vacuum and with a linear variable differential transformer pick-up connected to a Sanborn recorder for automatic re- cording of the data as in the model of Petarra.
  • Fuel-element profilometer for the HFEF
    An LVDT ( linear variable differential transformer ) is an electro- mechanical transducer that produces an electrical output proportional to the movement of an iron core in a magnetic flux (see Fig. 7). the position of the core. A supplier of sapphire rods has been found who will supply rods with a cylindrical tolerance of …
  • Dynamics of a Newly Developed Hydraulic Step Wave Generator
    Figure 2(b) shows that the spool is then shifted to the second position . … high-pressure chamber and low-pressure chamber suddenly connects, the refer- ence pressure transducer receives a hydraulic … … the pressure transient by as- suming the dynamics of the hydraulic fluid is linear and time- invariable. … a diagram of the experimental setup, which included the generator, the hydraulic pressure supplier , and the measurement … The generator spool was driven by the controlled piston with a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT), and its moving ve- locity was set to 2.0 m/s, which was the optimal value for this sys- tem when the valve was open.