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Parts by Number for Linear Variable Transducer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
02180000-060 Digi-Key Measurement Specialties Inc. Sensors, Transducers ROTARY VARIABLE TRANSDUCER
02560927-000 Digi-Key Measurement Specialties Inc. Sensors, Transducers ROTARY VARIABLE DIFFERENTIAL TRA
02520003-000 Digi-Key Measurement Specialties Inc. Sensors, Transducers LINEAR TRANSDUCER
HMR4007 Digi-Key Honeywell Microelectronics & Precision Sensors Sensors, Transducers LINEAR POSITIO SENSOR MODULE PCB
HMR4001 Digi-Key Honeywell Microelectronics & Precision Sensors Sensors, Transducers MODULE SENSOR LINEAR POSITION
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  • LVDT, Half Bridge and Digital Transducer Theory
    calibrated measurement range. Beyond this range the output becomes increasingly non-linear. Measurement range is defined as ± distance from the transducer null position. Half Bridge, LVDT and digital transducers. The linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) and Half-Bridge are two alternative
  • Linear Variable Differential Transformer Principle of Operation
    How it Works - LVDT ContentsHow it Works - Dc LVDTHow it Works - Magnetostrictive How it Works - Strain Gauge Load Cell How it Works - Strain Gauge Pressure Transducer How it Works - 4 to 20mA LVDTHow it Works - LVDT MenuDisplacementElectronicsLoadPressureTechnical manualsHow
  • Wall Shear Stress Measurements in Two-Phase Flow using PIV, an Optical Sensor, and Wall Pressure Transducer (.pdf)
    . The pressure gradient in the test section was measured with pressure taps positioned on the top wall of the. channel over a distance of 23 cm. A Validyne pressure transducer (Model DP103) was used. This device utilizes a. central diaphragm as a sensor element and is of the variable reluctance type
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and a maximum output current of 20 mA. The housing has been designed to provide high resistance to mechanical stress. Gentech, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK. Position sensors A series of miniature linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs) for position measurement is designed for tight
  • AN509 SCM5B43 - DC LVDT Input Module
    possible when miniature, high performance, solidstate components became available. ./5c08c651-f643-4368-8e41-95239f65152b Application Note AN509: SCM5B43 - DC Linear Variable. Displacement Transducer (LVDT ) Input Module. Linear variable displacement transducers (LVDTs) provide a method
  • Medical Device Link .
    a thread using distance sleeves. The sensor housings are designed to avoid force shunts by maintaining the measured values of a sensor 's sensitivity from the time it is installed. Automatic sensitivity detection prevents deviation from the correct sensitivity value. A manufacturer of linear variable
  • Dynamic sensing with LVDTs
    and displacement of a shaker head in a vibration tester. The core movement accurately represents mechanical displacement, with typical linearity of 0.025% of full range. A linear-variable-differential transformer, or LVDT, is basically a transducer that converts mechanical motion into an electrical
  • Measuring liquid levels with LVDTs
    . The sensing of lowdensity liquids or of small level changes may require special, lowpressure transducers that are expensive and hard to find. The use of a float attached to a nearly friction-free linear-variable-displacement transducer (LVDT) offers a reasonable replacement. LVDTs can measure liquid-level

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