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  • Test, Inspection, and Measurement Software-Image
    Test, Inspection, and Measurement Software - (308 companies)
    Test, inspection and measurement software is used to design, automate and implement the testing of instruments and equipment, and the measurement of device parameters. Test, Inspection and Measurement Software Information. Test, inspection... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Network Monitoring Software-Image
    Network Monitoring Software - (226 companies)
    SNMP) for network performance monitoring. SNMP, which operates through the OSI presentation layer, first saw use in UNIX / Linux network monitoring software by passing data between SNMP agents in network devices to a management information base (MIB... Learn More
  • Fleet Management and Tracking Software-Image
    Fleet Management and Tracking Software - (197 companies)
    Fleet management software is used to supervise, manage, locate, schedule and maintain vehicle fleets. Comprehensive maintenance and logistics systems may feature a modular architecture with integrated applications for activities such as asset... Learn More
  • Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)-Image
    Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) - (184 companies) to the controller unit on command. They often include integral software, data logging capabilities, a real-time clock (RTC) or totalizer, and a battery backup. Intrinsically safe remote terminal units are designed to operate safely in hazardous... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Authoring and Publishing Software-Image
    Authoring and Publishing Software - (54 companies)
    Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Apple, Macintosh, and MacOS are registered trademarks of Apple Computers, Inc. Authoring and publishing software that uses UNIX (R) or Linux (R) is also available. UNIX... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Accounting Software - (95 companies)
    Accounting Software is software that records and processes accounting transactions. Accounting Software Information. Accounting software is application software that records and processes accounting transactions. Accounting software usually includes... Learn More
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    Scanning Software - (333 companies)
    Scanning Software Information. Scanning software is used with optical and document scanners or with other imaging equipment to digitize, create, edit and evaluate images. Document scanners are devices that scan two-dimensional (2D) objects... Learn More
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    Video and Audio Software - (204 companies)
    Video and audio software is used to process audio and video signals. Applications can include motion analysis, security, ID systems, etc. Video and Audio Software Information. Video and audio software is used to process audio and video signals... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Operating System Software - (386 companies)
    ...and security. Windows XP operating system software is a stable, standard system commonly used for both commercial and home offices. Linux operating system software is an open source software program. Open source server and operating system software is free... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Embedded Programming Software - (63 companies)
    Embedded programming software is used to program special-purpose computer systems that are designed to perform one or several dedicated functions. In addition to a core operating system (OS), many embedded systems have upper-layer software... Learn More

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