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  • Measuring liquid levels with LVDTs
    LVDTs sometimes work better than pressure sensors for gauging tank volumes. A common way of measuring the level of liquid in a tank places a low-pressure sensor at the bottom. The pressure readout is the product of the liquid column height times the density of the liquid. As long as liquid density
  • Liquid Level/Interface Monitoring in Flocculant/Sludge Control (.pdf)
    to efficient water. treatment. The level/interface instruments that support the. process liquid measurements must be capable of distinguishing. between liquids with varying properties in order to detect the. levels where the different liquids interface in the pond or tank. With this knowledge
  • Expansion or Shrinkage of Liquid Silicone Rubber
    image on the left below for an example of a pvT diagram). The measurement is defined in ISO 17744. With increasing temperatures, Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) expands. When pressure is applied, the overall specific volume shows a lower value, which means the density is higher. In addition
  • Measuring Transition Points in Liquids with Different Densities with Sensortechnics' Capacitive CLC and CLW Level Sensors
    measurement of. liquid level and can be easily mounted to the. outside of a container or vessel. The CLC. series measures continuously whereas the. CLW devices detect point levels. Further more, due to their sensitivity and. teaching possibilities these sensors can be. used to determine transition points
  • Liquid cooled LED arrays as bright as 30 headlights
    . A joint project sponsored by VDI/VDE-IT Bavaria faced these challenges and developed compact LED modules with a high packing density and output. The Electronic Applications Division at CeramTec GmbH supplied innovative aluminium nitride (AlN) liquid-cooled heat-sinks; the Fraunhofer IZM institute
  • High Energy Density Capacitor Research for Pulsed Power Applications Presented at the 2009 IEEE Pulse Power Conference (.pdf)
    ( >1 kA) requirements, wound film capacitors are metallized film, self-healing capacitors in drawn metal. generally used. Very high peak power and average power. cans. All were vacuum impregnated with an appropriate. densities can be achieved using discrete foil electrodes in. dielectric liquid
  • Maintaining signal integrity in measurement and control
    . Figure 3. Recommended placement of electromagnetic. measure absolute, differen-. flowmeters. tial, and gage pressures,. as wel as liquid tank levels. and flowrates from inferen-. Instal ing sensors incorrectly. tial DP meters. The best sensor can yield disappointing results if. For direct pressure
  • Promass Measures Ingredients with Wide Range of Viscosity and Density
    Endress+Hauser in a wastewater tank and. concludes. “I have had such a positive experience with. in a silo housing fructose, a high density liquid. Endress+Hauser that competitors would need to prove. to me why I should change to their instrumentation . . . “Because the ultrasonic equipment was precisely

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