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  • Programmable Pump Delivers Improved Liquid Dispensing Productivity and Quality Assurance (.pdf)
    The extremely simple setup and programming of the DOSE-IT peristaltic pump from INTEGRA Biosciences AG provides laboratories, where different dispensing protocols are frequently used and interchanged, with an effective tool to increase productivity and to improve the overall product quality
  • Micro-Dispensing Liquid Pump
    New liquid dispensing pump technology that uses a solenoid rather than a dc motor precisely delivers fluids up to 20 times per second for accurate metering applications. The design of the pump also offers high reliability, normally an issue with solenoid-operated pumps and valves
  • How to Specify Liquid Flowmeters
    presents. one view of the different. techniques that can be used for. liquid measurement: it does not. include every type of flowmeter. on the market, just some of the. more familiar ones.
  • Liquid Dosing Innovation Success Story
    manufacturing process to integrate a liquid active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) into a solid tablet. This process required dispensing droplets of a dosing solution of a highly potent API onto the surface of placebo tablets in a 24 x 24 array moving at high speed.
  • Savings Reported At The Print Plant, Inc.
    An Ardematic Automatic Mixing Station, connecting conveyor and Spraymation, Inc., programmed liquid dispensing system has reduced color shop labor from 6 to 3 men per shift at the Print Plant, Inc., in Winston-Salem, NC. With yearly labor costs near $26,000 per man, the annual savings
  • Peristaltic or Piston Pumps: Choose Wisely for Accurate Dispensing of Biopharmaceuticals
    biopharmaceutical products. This trend has highlighted the need for efficient, small batch, aseptic liquid processing and fill/finish operations. In addition, ever-increasing FDA demands, especially regarding cleaning validation, have forced the industry to look for more efficient and safer production technologies
  • Medical Device Link .
    Tornos-Bechler DECO 2000 systems to reduce setup time and increase efficiency. The syringes are used for accurate liquid dispensing in DNA testing and gas and liquid chromatography, as well as for chemical mixing and adhesive dispensing. The company's syringes require tiny Teflon ferrules to seal
  • Medical Device Link .
    used in test kits. During strip production, dispensers fire tiny droplets of antibodies onto paper continually fed from a reel. This paper is then cut into strips and placed into the IVDs. If the liquid-dispensing equipment malfunctions, the reagent strips might receive inaccurate antibody volumes
  • LSMs Ride the Wave of Modular Manufacturing
    -and-place, laser welding and drilling, and liquid dispensing. Gull-wing doors let workers access equipment inside the pods. An LSM module mounted to a turntable lets vehicles round 90 turns and go in multiple directions. A node controller coordinates communication between the LSM and turntable
  • Design and Performance Considerations for Optimum Industrial Fluid Dispense Solutions
    and the associated solutions: * Accurate Dispensing. Pumping the Liquid. * Effective Dispensing. Feed Stock Options. * Effective Dispensing. Dispense Batch Sizes. * Fast Dispensing. Need for Speed. * Effective Dispensing. Ease of Operation. * Effective Dispensing. Serviceability.