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Parts by Number for Liquid Filtration Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
P025P2 PLC Radwell Filtration Systems Hydraulics, Hydraulic Filter ACCUFIT WELDED LIQUID FILTER BAGS

Conduct Research Top

    filtration problems and solutions. Microsoft Word - BHS Website Solid-Liquid Filtration Trends for Particle Fines Removal in Manufacturing Environments Rev. 0.doc. SOLID-LIQUID FILTRATION TRENDS. FOR PARTICLE FINES REMOVAL. IN MANUFACTURING ENVIRONMENTS. Barry A. Perlmutter. BHS-Filtration Inc. Charlotte
  • Combined Mechanical Filtration and Thermal Dehydration with a Filter Press (.pdf)
    Utilizing the latest technology in the solid/liquid filtration industry, the KLINKAU TCD-System (TCD-Thermal Cake Drying) combines mechanical filtration and thermal dehydration in a single process with a horizontal filter press. Dry matter contents of more than 99% can be achieved in a timely
  • Principles of Filtration
    that in the filtration industry, "hydrophilic " is used somewhat differently than in some other fields where it refers to a material to which water clings. Once wetted, hydrophilic filters do not allow the free passage of gasses until the applied pressure exceeds the bubble point and the liquid is expelled from
  • Choosing the Best Filtration Method for Your Liquid Processing Application (.pdf)
    Selecting filtration equipment is the combined result of many considerations. In addition to removing the undesirable material from a liquid stream, the filtration method selected must also satisfy other requirement.
  • Chemical Pumps: Zero Liquid Discharge in Surface Treatment Shop
    A surface treatment shop employing "zero liquid discharge" is a manufacturing shop which does not discharge any waste water into the sewerage or surface waters. Zero Liquid discharge does not mean that the treatment shop does not produce any liquid waste. It means, on the contrary
  • Thin-Cake Filtration Theory (.pdf)
    In most industrial solid-liquid separation applications, the process steps of filtration, washing and dewatering (drying) are conducted on one filter. This paper describes the thin-cake filtration theory for these operations. Microsoft Word - Thin-Cake Filtration Theory.doc. THIN-CAKE FILTRATION
  • Liquid Level/Interface Monitoring in Flocculant/Sludge Control (.pdf)
    collection area. The amount of air and flocculants are controlled by measuring the liquid level interface between the sludge and water. ./9852c904-d130-4c98-9761-953b333513b5 Technical Publication. Liquid Level/Interface Monitoring. in Flocculant/Sludge Control. By Steven Craig, Sr. Member
  • Differential Pressure Transmitters in Filtration Applications
    the cleanliness of a filter in either liquid or gas applications. How It Works 1. The upstream pressure (commonly referred to as the line pressure or influent pressure) drives the media through the filter. A line is installed before the filter, as well as connected to the High side of the sensor. 2