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  • The Evolution of Thermal Mass Flow Meters
    . semiconductor industry. These mass flow. could not be re-ranged in the field. Quite. meters, flow switches, and liquid level. controllers (MFCs) utilize two resistance. often, the device was replacing an older. switches further expanded market awareness. temperature (RTD) coils around a capillary
  • Power Generation
    (gas and liquid),. integration, custom protective. wet NOx emission reduction spray. coatings and customized electronics. systems, critical cooling water flow,. enclosures to meet local. fuel conditioning flows and. Hoffer Premier Gas flowmeter with HIT-2 Rate Indicator/Totalizer. requirements
  • Flowmeters Benefit From Silicon Advances
    and provides an end-to-end width that is identical to an ASME BPE 180 elbow. Sensor Detects Low Gas, Liquid Flows Well-suited to pulsing or periodic flows, these in-line flow sensors provide rapid response and can monitor changes as low as 5 ml/min (0.001 GPM). Solid state device has no moving
  • Modern Electronics Meet Turbine Meters
    readings of flow conditions that affect their automated manufacturing processes. Likewise, turbine meters are replacing DP orifice plates and other traditional industrial flow sensing devices in custody transfer applications involving both liquid and gas. Volumetric Measuring Technique. A turbine meter
  • How Ultrasonic Flowmeters Work (.pdf)
    flowing liquid with such discontinuities, an. ultrasonic pulse or beam reflects from them with a change in frequency that is directly. proportional to the liquid’s flow rate. Thus, the ultrasonic Doppler flowmeter calculates flow. rate from the velocity of the discontinuities, rather than from
  • Greensboro City Street Cleaner
    recently. hard carbon sleeve bearing. introduced and created for. provides compatibility with almost. customers working with a limited. all corrosive liquids, as well as,. budget, a line that is a perfect fit. non-corrosive liquids. The Lo-Co. for liquid utility and OEM. comes with a magnetic pickup coil
  • Industrial Chemicals
    -TFE-1M-F1SS-TFE-H Flanged, Teflon®. turbine meter with stainless steel housing. Used, in this instance,. due to the corrosive nature of the liquid and provides customer. with 1% linearity over the linear flow range. •. 6 ft. Signal cable and a 6 ft. Power cable. For in-plant use measuring non-corrosive

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