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  • How to Select a Pressure Transducer for Industrial Applications
    . pressure, high temperature applications. If liquid ingress is a risk, sealed. cables are a must. If the transducer is to be located outside for use in an industrial. refrigeration application, for example, then it must meet additional. ©Setra Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5. requirements
  • A Pressure Transducer that Can Handle Just About Anything
    : Beginning at the compressor, the refrigerant is compressed and leaves the compressor as a high temperature, high pressure gas. Step 2: The hot refrigerant enters the condenser, which is usually fan forced air cooled; then the refrigerant leaves the condenser as a warm liquid and continues
  • Medical Device Link . Sensors and Transducers
    applications. Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. The u-Flow mass flowmeter is designed to control ultralow liquid flow rates. The lowest range of the u-Flow series is 0 250 mg/hr, offering an accuracy of 1% off full scale. In combination with a control valve, the unit can provide continuous and stable control
  • Pressure Transducer Use for Controlling the Superheat in Clean Room HVAC and Refrigeration Systems
    releases heat externally. Warm, high-pressure liquid refrigerant exits the condenser coil and enters the expansion valve. The expansion valve controls the amount of liquid refrigerant entering the system. Cold, low-pressure liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from inside to cool the internal environment
  • Estimation of Curvature from micro-CT Liquid-Liquid Displacement Studies with Pore Scale Resolution
    intensity gradient. 2010 Paper Template SCA2012-55. 1/6. ESTIMATION OF CURVATURE FROM MICRO-CT. LIQUID-LIQUID DISPLACEMENT STUDIES WITH PORE. SCALE RESOLUTION. R. T. Armstrong1, C. H. Pentland1, S. Berg1, J. Hummel2, D. Lichau2, L. Bernard2. Shell Global Solutions International BV, The Netherlands
  • The Evolution of Thermal Mass Flow Meters
    . semiconductor industry. These mass flow. could not be re-ranged in the field. Quite. meters, flow switches, and liquid level. controllers (MFCs) utilize two resistance. often, the device was replacing an older. switches further expanded market awareness. temperature (RTD) coils around a capillary
  • Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters
    Ultrasonic meters include Doppler Effect meters and time of flight meters. Doppler meters measure the frequency shifts caused by liquid flow. The frequency shift is proportional to the liquid's velocity. Time of flight ultrasonic meters use the speed of the signal traveling between two transducers
  • Flow Induced Noise Emanating from Evaporator Tube Plates (.pdf)
    the noise?. components of the climate control system was carried. How does heating the tube plate to boil the liquid. Electronic. Expansion. Mass Flow. Evaporator. Valve. refrigerant affect the noise?. Meter. Pressure. Regulating Valve. Custom Built. How does the presence of lubricant affect

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