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  • Liquid Gasket for Seal and Valve Servicing
    SUBJECT: Liquid Gasket - Plunger Pump Models
  • Techniques to Reduce Joint Relaxation in Fastened Joints
    material creep to some extent. For example, glass is a liquid and creeps over time. That is why an old glass window may show "waves" at the bottom of the window. The creep is most obvious and dramatic right after the force has been applied. In many tightening applications the majority of the creep
  • Can you still see me now?
    enough to protect their internals. The integration of larger, high-res LCDs (liquid-crystal displays) for video and viewing, for example, now push seal and gasket materials to their limits. LCDs must retain crisp resolution and color even after being bumped or dropped. Any breach in the
  • Getting in Step With Light-Cure Adhesives
    designs and sizes. This speeds line changeovers and cuts inventories compared with mechanical alternatives such as gaskets that need sizing for each motor design. In ambient light, all but the fastest light-cure adhesives stay liquid long enough to do multiple part adjustments. Exposing the adhesive
  • Thermally conductive polymers delete the heat
    degrade the polymer and lead to part failure. But the addition of nonmetallic fillers in commodity and engineering thermoplastics such as ABS, nylon, liquid-crystal polymers (LCP), and polyetheretherketone (PEEK) makes uniform heat dissipation possible. Parts made from the CoolPoly polymers are also 40
  • Stick With the Right Adhesive
    and cyanoacrylates, hot melts, reactive urethanes, epoxies, polyurethanes, and two-part acrylics. are one-part adhesives that remain liquid in air but cure into tough thermoset plastics when confined between metal substrates. Anaerobic adhesives typically are used to lock and seal threaded assemblies, retain
  • U.S. Fuel Cell and Battery Patents | F C T | February 2008 |
    Official Gazette, Volume 1325 (December 2007) U.S. 7,302,969 (20071204), Valve device for use with fuel cells, Tatsuji Hasegawa, Masakazu Murai, Junichi Sugamori, Yoshio Kusano, and Toshikatsu Katagiri, Keihin Corp. (JP). U.S. 7,303,598 (20071204), Liquid fuel preprocessor, Mehdi Namazian and John
  • ABT Online :: Advanced Battery Technology ::
    , Arthur H. Andazola, and Frederick W. Reinhardt, Sandia Corp. U.S. 7,303,594 (20071204), Battery electrode and method of making the same, George Cintra and Kenneth Taylor, The Gillette Co. U.S. 7,303,598 (20071204), Liquid fuel preprocessor, Mehdi Namazian and John T. Kelly, Altex Technologies. U.S.

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