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  • Liquid Cooling a Laser for System Optimization
    lasers all use liquid cooling to remove excess heat. Laser liquid cooling can help accomplish three goals: maintaining a precise laser wavelength and higher output efficiency, achieving desired beam quality, and reducing thermal stress on a laser system. Recirculating chillers, liquid-to-liquid
  • Liquid Crystals - Preface
    , polymer dispersed, dye-doped and ferroelectric liquid crystals as well as light scatterings. The second section is devoted to the more specialized area of nonlinear optical responses of liquid crystals to light or laser fields. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition
  • The Best Heat Transfer Fluids for Liquid Cooling
    Now that youâ ve determined liquid cooling is the solution, do you know what heat transfer fluid to use? One of the most important factors when choosing a liquid cooling technology for your application is the compatibility of the heat transfer fluid with the wetted surfaces of the cooling
  • Saving Fuel with Environmentally Friendly Welding of Liquid Vapor Separators Using Lasers
    Using Lasers. Liquid Vapor Separator (LVS). Saving gasoline is what counts!. methods, including the LVS. The LVS is located between the. The automobile industry is assuming a leading role in envi-. tank and an activated carbon fi lter where it separates liquid. ronmentally friendly technology as R & D
  • Liquid Crystals: Frontiers In Biomedical Applications
    Liquid Crystals: Frontiers In Biomedical Applications. Providing a review of the interdisciplinary research already performed, this text reviews the advances being made in displays, spectroscopy, sensors and diagnostics, biomimicking, actuators and lasers with regards to liquid crystalline
  • Laser Diffraction
    of the type of samples that can be measured. Particles can be dispersed in a liquid medium (wet laser diffraction) or as solid particles dispersed in an air stream (dry laser diffraction). Measurements are also possible on aerosol-based systems such as liquid atomizers and pharmaceutical inhalers. For wet
  • Medical Device Link . Comparing Liquid and High Consistency Silicone Rubber Elastomers: Which Is Right for You?
    , replacement finger joints, and pump diaphragms. Low viscosity makes liquid silicone rubbers suitable for molding applications requiring complex, intricate molds. Photos: Dow Corning Corp. These elastomers are commercially available in two types: millable high consistency silicone rubber and pumpable liquid
  • Plastic Microfluidics Assembly with Lasers (.pdf)
    alignment be. and liquid tight joints, and resistance to a few bars of. required a vision system with a 3-axis stage (X-Y-φ) can. pressure. Using film as a top layer is also possible. The. adjust the location of mask relative to the welding part by. objective is to create a sufficient bond so

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